Easter Apologies and New Developments



I am crap.

I’ve become so behind with the blog housekeeping that I am now finding it difficult to keep up. Over the last few weeks I have received so many comments that I haven’t replied to and I wanted to take the opportunity to apologise. I’m really sorry. I read and appreciate every single one of them, and I wanted to say that I’m grateful for all the time that everyone has taken to support me and this little blog. I’m going to do my best to catch up…

There’s a few things that I wanted to share with you.

I started a Facebook page for my blog. I was going to delete it after the fiasco last week, but then I decided to not only keep it, but promote it as much as I can. I would love it if you would pay my page a visit, give it a cheeky ‘like’ and share it with your friends!


I am also gaining a Twitter following: @suzie81blog and I would love to see you there too!


Finally, and I’m actually quite excited about this, I am going to start my own weekly challenge. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, I wasn’t sure if anybody would take part, but I decided over the weekend that it’s now or never! It will be an open challenge for everybody to take part in and will be published every Sunday at 7.00pm GMT. However, for this week I am going to post it later today, and I would absolutely love it if you would not only participate, but invite your friends too! The subject will be a single theme in which you can respond to in any way that you like – music, poetry, thoughts, photography – the more the merrier!Β I will also create a badge that you can add to your blog if you wish.

Happy Blogging!

20 thoughts on “Easter Apologies and New Developments

  1. I’m sorry you had some issues. We all get behind on the blog-thing every so often. We get it πŸ™‚

  2. I know that feeling. Sometimes we all have to concentrate on the thing called life, and something has to be missed. And it sounds like you lost heart. :(. However, so happy to see you back and fizzing :). Don’t worry about responding to my comment – thoughts are enough. :-D. Off to your facebook page to like – cheekily :-P. Hope your day has some wonderful moments. Brett.

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