Weekly Word Challenge: Happy


I have been wanting to create a community challenge for Suzie81 Speaks for some time now – I have gained a following of wonderfully talented and creative people  decided that the best way to do this would be through a weekly word challenge – I will post a new word every week on Sunday at 7.00pm – with today being slightly different as it is the first challenge.

Happiness. There are a million posts published every day that focus on the idea of being happy – what makes us happy, how to achieve it, why we need to be happy in our lives…

For the first ever weekly word challenge the theme for this week is ‘happy.’ How you respond to the word is entirely up to you – here are some suggestions.

1. Create a list of things that make you happy.

2. Recall the happiest events of your life to date.

3. Create a poem that reflects on the word.

4. Share photographs of things that have made you happy recently.

5. Write a ‘how to’ guide on how to be happy.

6. Create a short story.

Once you have finished your post, include the link back to this page so others can see it or post it in the comments section. If you wish to place this badge on your blog or on the page, feel free! The challenge will remain open all week and anybody can participate whether they follow Suzie81 Speaks or not! Each Saturday I will reblog some of my favourites… It will be a brilliant opportunity for you to gain more traffic and followers!

Enjoy! Share with your friends! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create!

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40 thoughts on “Weekly Word Challenge: Happy

  1. This is awesome Suzie ….. you should create a Suzies81 Speaks challenge button so your loyal readers who participate can attach it to their site, this way you can get even more traffic to your blog….not that you need help doing that though 🙂

    • OK I’m an idiot, I blame Monday and the fact that I ended up sleeping on the couch with 4 furkids because “someone” was snoring. I see your badge ….if it was any larger it would be hitting me in the face. 🙂

      • Haha! I’ve been trying to edit the badge using my iPhone but it won’t let me! I’ll have to get on the computer later! Hope you can catch up on some sleep, although I’m sure that the fur kids enjoyed the cuddle!

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  7. Fab idea. I’ll be sure to take part! Sundays at 7pm? Reminds me of the olden days after listening to the Charts on the radio and then watching Highway or Surprise Surprise lol

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  11. Suzie, thanks for the lovely post and great challenge! I wrote a post called, “The Man Behind, ‘Happy'” so if anyone wants to come to my blog, they can push Pharrell Williams’ name or the word “Happy” to read this. I did this last week, so please don’t mind if I don’t participate in it again! I love the song. I enjoy the way people all around the world dance on the streets where they live to the song. I like the author of the lyrics and I included a great and simple line about his fame, He said, “It’s not the kite, it’s the air.” (Very zen-like, that he felt that it is not him but the way life or God affected him to write that song!) Smiles, Robin

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