To Suzie, With Love

Thank you so much for the amazing messages of support today… This was beautiful, it made me cry and I wanted to share it with you…

Square One Notes

I drafted this yesterday after visiting Suzie81 Speaks and learning of her happiness project that is open all week. Before hitting publish this morning I went back to her site to link up and found a farewell post to her beloved furry pal. The very opposite of happiness. I suppose I need to better explain her proposal before she posted this news. Suzie asked readers to post an image, poem, flash fiction, essay, etc interpretation or reflection of the word happy. My first thought was it’s disrespectful to publish my post today as she must be grieving. But then it occurred to me that the universe may have conjured exactly what she needs at this time. Comfort. Unconditional love from a faithful family pet is the perfect example of the word happy.

Dear Suzie,

Today is going to be sad. I’m so sorry. I’m lending my support in your happiness initiative…

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