Letters From The West

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is ‘Letter.’

Here are some of the examples I have seen of letters in the last few years, from the neon signs of Piccadilly Circus to the handwritten letters of love on Oscar Wilde’s tomb in Pere Lachaise… As always, I’d love your thoughts.


Piccadilly Circus, London


The words of JFK’s most famous speech, carved in stone next to his grave, Arlington Cemetery, Washington


Letters of love, written on Oscar Wilde’s tomb, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris


Letter carved into the ruins of Pompeii, Italy


The entrance to the British Library, London


‘I amsterdam’ letters, Amsterdam

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4 thoughts on “Letters From The West

  1. Love your photos, as always, though I have to admit I hate graffiti. It seems so disrespectful to scribble on what has been created by others. Oscar Wilde’s headstone and I amsterdam speak well enough for themselves. You posed in front of I amsterdam – that’s very cool.

    • I’m not sure about graffiti. I was disappointed by Paris because of the amount of it, but at the same time I really liked Oscar Wilde’s tomb…. I hadn’t even heard of I Amsterdam until I got there!

  2. I liked this post in homage to Oscar Wilde. I think the writings have a point and tribute, so the ‘graffiti’ doesn’t bother me as much as it does, when it is filled with hate or bad language… Just saying I liked this post to go with the theme of Letters, Suzie! I don’t facebook or anything but Linked In, which is for professional links… Take it easy, hope you have some sunnier days, by the way!

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