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Baz Lurhmann’s ‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen’ is a musical version of “Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young” written by Mary Schmich and published in the Chicago Tribune as a column in 1997, but often erroneously attributed to a commencement speech by author Kurt Vonnegut. Both its subject and tone are similar to the 1927 poem “Desiderata”. (This source and it’s links are from Wikipedia).

The format of the song is simple – words of advice are spoken by actor Lee Perry over Luhrmann’s sampled, remixed version of the song “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)” by Rozalla. I remember the first time that I heard it – it was so effective and motivational, yet the advice that is given is basic common sense.

I thought I would take my inspiration from this format and create my own list of advice for life.

1. If you are lucky enough to have good parents, take the time to appreciate them.
2. Choices in life will always have consequences, whether they are good or bad.
3. Don’t eat garlic the night before a job interview.
4. Only tell others things that you wouldn’t mind the rest of the world knowing unless they have consistently proven that they are trustworthy.
5. Don’t let others be responsible for your own happiness.
6. Chances of winning the lottery are increased significantly by actually buying a ticket.
7. Remember that life isn’t fair – good things will happen to bad people.
8. Use deodorant.
9. Accept that you are allowed to fail.
10. Friendships and relationships should be based on mutual respect, trust and easy communication, not on monetary gain or status that can be made from it.

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12. Never be afraid to ask for help.
13. Sometimes, it’s important to mind your own business and keep your mouth shut.
14. Don’t take on the responsibility of owning an animal unless you are fully prepared and financially able to support it for the rest of it’s life. If possible, adopt from a shelter.
15. Deal with small problems quickly, before they become big ones.
16. Have manners. Use them.
17. Regardless of where you live, make it homely and a place where you feel safe and at peace.
18. Never apologise for or be ashamed of your interests and hobbies.
19. Avoid playing mind-games with others. Be honest, up-front and let people know where they stand.
20. Pursue your passions, even if there is no money to be gained from it.

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22. There is usually another option.
23. Look after your teeth and your feet.
24. Accept your body size and shape and dress appropriately.
25. Trust your instincts.
26. If you day that you are going to do something, do it and do it to the best of your ability.
27. Don’t proclaim your love to someone unless you absolutely mean it.
28. Try to forgive.
29. Know your alcohol limits. Stop drinking when you’ve reached them.
30. Don’t promise when you’re happy, don’t decide when you’re sad and don’t reply when you’re angry.

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32. Apologise when you’re in the wrong.
33. Understand that some may not always be willing to accept your apology.
34. Share.
35. Do a favour because you actually want to, not because you are expecting something in return.
36.Don’t lend money that you can’t afford to lose completely.
37. Smile as often as possible.
38. Give time some time.
39. When feeling overwhelmed by problems try to ask yourself: ‘Will these problems actually matter in a year’s time?’
40. What others think of you is none of your business.

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42. Shut down your computer, go outside and meet people.
43. If you need to delete messages and emails so that your partner won’t see them, you probably know that you shouldn’t be having that particular correspondence to begin with.
44. If somebody confides their secrets in you, keep them.
45. Never respond to other people’s rudeness – that is a representation of their character, not yours.
46. Turn up on time.
47. Don’t do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset.
48. Wash your hair regularly.
49. If you want to eat pizza, eat pizza. Just don’t eat pizza every day.

And finally…

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What about you? Do you have any that you can add to this?

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16 thoughts on “Advice For Life

  1. Great advice! You nailed it- I think I bVe half of this advice yesterday- including, wear deodorant. We are getting to the hot in the school building time of year… 14 year olds are smelly. I followed it up with, and if you are wearing axe body spray or cologne, use one spray… It will suffice.

  2. 1. The parents one is a great way to start this. Losing a parent is one of the most permanent things you’ll experience.

    2. No. 5 is the most difficult on the list. Often, we don’t realize how tied to someone our happiness is until it’s too late.

    3. The advice I’d add – if someone walks by you, smile. If they make eye contact, smile and say hello.

  3. – If you don’t know, ask. You might look silly by asking but you look like a total arrogant idiot if you assume.
    – Sometimes, it’s not about you. Heck, most of the time it’s not about you. Stop taking things personally.
    – Make your own luck. Don’t expect everything to magically happen unless you work/ask for it.
    – Invest 10 % of your income before tax and buy assests (Something that adds money into your pocket, not takes money out)
    – It’s easier to forgive. Not at first, and not all the time, but by holding a grunge, all you do is waste time and effort on something that doesn’t really exist and the other person really doesn’t care as much as you think/wish they did. I promise. They really don’t care that much. Just forgive and think about other things in life.

    I think I’m going to have to make my own blog post about this. šŸ™‚
    BTW. I have the song as a poster on my wall. It’s a brilliant song and I try to listen to it regularly. Thank you for reminding me! šŸ™‚

  4. I always live by the idea of “you get out what you put in.” So if you put love into something, love will come pouring out to you. The same goes for happiness, recognition, and the more negative things in life like anger. Great list! I am glad I read it before starting my day.

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