When Life Knocks You Down…


I follow several hundred blogs, and of those I would put most of them in the ‘Lifestyle’ category. Perhaps it’s because this is the same area that my own blog falls into, perhaps it’s because I enjoy seeing and hearing about the experiences of others, or perhaps it’s because I’m a little nosy, but I have spent the last thirteen months getting to know some of the blogging community a little better. I’ve met their families, travelled the world with them, listened to their favourite music, salivated at their favourite foods, jealously admired their art and/or craft capabilities and been inspired by things that they’ve had to say.

Unfortunately, and all too often, life is cruel and unjust, and recently I have found that my online friends are experiencing things that they don’t deserve – loss, grief, illness, financial troubles, worries – 2014 appears to be testing kind and good people to the limit to see how much a human being can take before they snap. Indeed, the last six months have been some of the toughest I have known in a long time.

Regardless of the individual troubles that a person faces, the message within the blogging world remains the same… You are not alone. I am beginning to lose track of the number of times I have witnessed acts of kindness to make the lives of others better, and the last few days have been no different.

Remember, we’re here. While life may try and kick you down, there are always those who will pick you up and dust you off. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Hard times will always reveal true friends, whether they are in person or not.

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50 thoughts on “When Life Knocks You Down…

  1. Isn’t amazing the connections you can make on here? I think it’s something about opening up in a way you might not have with those closest to you. I’ve met wonderful, kind people that I hope to know for a very long time. Blessed!

  2. Wow. This is like a Blogging Valedictorian speech. Nicely said, and when I say nicely I also mean that it is nice of you to say…

  3. If only we all lived in the same place and could knock back a few thousand drinks together! For sure 2014 has so far been — much like 2013! Surely things will improve ………

  4. I loved this post. It means a lot to see someone who understands the inner struggles, not just as a blogger but as an individual in this great thing we call life. May I share this?

  5. Suzie, THIS POST IS SO TRUE. SO TRUE. AND…if you were within arms reach, I would hug you so tight and not let go until you couldn’t breathe..that’s what friends do…❤️

  6. What a wonderful sentiment and one that means so much to me right now as I try to find my way out if my own maze of confusion, loss and grief. Thank you for reminding me again..I’m part of a WONDERFUL blogging family!

  7. Thoughtful post. I’m grateful for a friend in this world in whatever shape or form they come. Blogging friends are like minded and usually most sincere and caring…We need each other.

  8. i am one of the people you described, about to drop pin and the camera. Trurtoyou has not taken off and i am depressed about all the work I put into it. so sad, it must be really bad.

  9. I wholeheartedly agree. Life has its ups and downs, and recently I’ve been “treated” to a sizeable down. My blogging pals all turned up immediately to help me back on to my size niners and get back on track.

  10. Normally ,I try to write upbeat with humour, but recently I wrote my blog during the night when I was feeling very low. I received a comment from a fellow blogger in America who had bigger problems than I had. Even so, she sent me XOXO . You can imagine how much better I felt ,to realise that I wasn’t alone and someone, who was no longer a stranger, reached out a hand to comfort me. I will always be grateful.

  11. A lovely sentiment and one which I try and keep in mind when writing. You have expressed succinctly what I suspect draws many people to writing a blog in the first place.

  12. Great post Suzie – you’re so right. I know so many who seem to be suffering more this year than any before – myself included. 2014 will be known and remembered as the difficult year. But it’s okay, because, like you say, there is a network of people who are all waiting to help and comfort through each problem. It really does make such a difference.

  13. Wonderfully written. We all hesitate to ask for help because we’re afraid to show weakness, or simply to be rejected. But it’s also true what you said: someone is always there to pick you up.

  14. Nope, never alone. That’s kind of the point for me. My 2014 is going pretty good so far, but my 2011, and 12, and most of 13 were just like you’re describing.

    I am so fortunate someone picked me up and dusted me off 🙂

  15. Life happens, even in the sphere. But here, at least we all spend time together because we want to, and the way we support each other if fantastic, and something I hope each of us carries into the real world.
    (Except for the guy I work with.)
    (He’s a pezhead.)

  16. Holy smokes! 109 likes?!

    Wait, wait — 110! Ha-ha!

    I did that.

    So yeah, you are not alone, Suzie Lee. I’m here. Chester’s here. Steve the Cat is…well, under the bed, I think. You know, laying near the vent, breathing in lint and dust all day, just like he likes it?


    Beeeee goooood. *Reaching out with one finger*

  17. I am so glad that I find people who have lighthearted takes on things, rant sometimes but spread around love and goodwill. Suzie, we are connected and I am so happy we are, whether we are constantly commenting or just liking the posts of each other, Thanks for this reminder and community and ‘village’ describe us as members of a great place to be!

  18. This is such a nice message from a kindhearted soul! It makes me feel much more hopeful to know strangers still do nice things to one another. Thanks!

  19. Nicely done!

    I’m a newbie and have only been at this a few months. It’s my good fortune to have found you via the Community Pool! (You have a new follower. 🙂 )


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