I Could Murder a Cocktail Right About Now…


I’ve been in work today, on a day which would usually be my day off, and I really want a drink. I don’t want to get ‘off my face crawl on the floor covered in my own vomit’ drunk, just what my mother refers to as ‘merry.’

I’m not a big drinker. I used to be – in my late teens and early twenties I used to push myself to the very limits in alcohol consumption, simply because I could. However, I’m what can generally be termed as a ‘lightweight’ – one snifter of it is enough to send me silly and start telling poor unsuspecting revellers how much I like their shirt – so my version of an alcohol limit is most likely to be a lot lower than that of others. Despite this, it still didn’t stop me from giving it my all. I started as a classic binge drinker – I wouldn’t have anything for several weeks and then I would consume several weeks worth in a single night. When I moved to university and away from home and any element of parental control I started to go out almost every night. I got into a routine – I would get up, go to my lectures, spend the evening working in the local pub and then would go out drinking until 3.00am. I’d get up the next day and repeat the cycle, sometimes for up to five days in a row.

Looking back, I don’t know how I, or my body coped with such a routine. These days, a lengthy night out for me ends at 1.00am and is inevitably followed by the world’s biggest hangover. My once tiny items of clothing, selected specifically for the purpose of posturing around a nightclub have been replaced with classier, more sensible ensembles, and my six inch heels have shrunk by six inches. Gone are the days where I would spend hours attempting to ignore the excruciating agony that my poor feet were in, or braving minus temperatures without a coat in an effort to show off my new dress. It’s now extremely rare that I go to a nightclub – I prefer to spend my time in quieter bars, where a can sit down, hear what my friends are actually saying and enjoy the music at a level that doesn’t make my eardrums bleed.

Sometimes, I feel old.

I haven’t been able to drink for the last couple of months because of my hospitalisation a few months ago, and I haven’t missed it, but tonight I have a real urge for a cocktail – a Raspberry Mojito or an Amaretto Sours would certainly hit the spot!

What about you? Do you get the urge for something stronger than a glass of wine?

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25 thoughts on “I Could Murder a Cocktail Right About Now…

  1. I realized at the beginning of the year that I was becoming too dependent on alcohol to regulate my mood, so I stopped completely. It is difficult sometimes, especially after last week, but I don’t want to get back to how I was drinking when I was younger and stupid.

    I say if you have an urge for something different, then go for it! 🙂

    • I think that’s a really sensible idea if you don’t feel that you’re in control of it. I was the same with cigarettes – they were my mood regulator for years and so I stopped, sort of, and allow myself the occasional one. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. I love a bottle of wine at the weekend whilst listening to my music at my levels and sometimes like doing this all by myself! Defo getting old!

  3. Sounds like you are acting your age, I mean this in the best way possible. I too used to get blasted every night in those crazy 20’s but that was a few weeks ago you know. 😉

  4. When I want a cocktail, it’s either a brandy old fashioned or a chocolate martini. Either way, one is usually my limit (because I am a weenie)…unless someone else is driving.

  5. I like that you ar saying “I could murder a cocktail” and just a drink, that shows a lot mor restraint and class ☺ I used to go mad like that in college but even I only did the 3.00am thing once a week, you were hardcore!

  6. I must confess that on the odd occasion I get the urge to have a 22 year old Single Malt – Glenmorangie to be precise. I still have the last Duty Free bottle my sister brought back for me when she was in Scotland. But generally, I am happy with a glass of wine.

  7. I was never much of a drinker, even in college. I had my nights, but they were few. Being drunk makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the vulnerability and ‘because I can’ was never good enough of an excuse. I was certainly the odd one out in college, though.

  8. Welcome to Old Age! Lol! I can barely down one drink without falling off my stool. I swear my quota is two drinks on a good night. That’s it. And quite frankly I don’t miss my college drinking days although a good drink always hits the spot. For me its a good spiked lemonade with vodka or however they mix it. Have you ever noticed drinks mixed at bars/restaurants taste so much better than when you mix it yourself? What gives?!

  9. We enjoy a glass of wine with our dinner just about every evening. Like you, in my younger days I could party long and hard and get up for work the next day. Too old for that shit now!! Every now and then my husband and I will have what we call “old man drinks” . We have one room devoted to music. There is a stereo, CD player and turntable and lots and lots of record (yes, vinyl) and CDs. We have a martini or Manhattan and listen to anything from jazz to Dave Matthews band. Rarely overindulge J

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