Brain Freeze and The Urge To Write


This time in an evening is usually the point when I get an enormous urge to write. I have returned from work, changed my clothes, tied my hair up and put on a fluffy pair of socks and am settled on the couch with my hunger pains satisfied. I usually have some form of school work to do, which will be ongoing, but for an hour or so I like to get out my computer and read through some posts while I decide on my theme for the evening. The urge that presents itself is a strong one, almost compelling, and the satisfaction of pressing the ‘publish’ button provides an instant gratification, particularly when I am able to read some of your comments later on.

However, tonight was slightly different. I returned home late after watching a Drama performance and after I changed into my jammies I routinely sat down to release my brain from the frustrations of the day.

Zip. Zilch. Zero.

I’ve been staring at my screen for twenty minutes and I’ve got nothing. The urge is there, but my mind is blank. I’ve read through other posts, checked out Freshly Pressed, had a look at what is trending on Twitter… I’ve even looked at my friends Facebook status’s for inspiration, and while I’ve enjoyed reading everything, a theme isn’t jumping out of the screen and smacking me in the face like it usually does. It’s not like I haven’t got any ideas, I’m just not feeling satisfied with any of them… Incidentally, the irony of writing about not being able to write about anything has not been lost on me.

What about you? Do you ever suffer from cases of ‘blank screens and brain mush?’ If you have any ideas or themes, I’d love to hear them!

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42 thoughts on “Brain Freeze and The Urge To Write

  1. How about a blogging tip of what’s better, short and sweet or long and complete? What’s your take on it and which do you like to see yourself? In all honesty I would like to know since you are so much a pro. πŸ˜‰

  2. Yes! Last night I actually had this problem! I was tired from the dats stress, and all I really wanted to do was write, but my brain shorted out on me…

  3. In case of brain freeze days – I have a collection of keywords and/or paragraphs about certain topics. With this support I can normally come up with something useful.

  4. I have this problem all the time Suzie. I will sit and stare at my screen for an hour sometimes, wantin’ so bad to write SOMEthing, having ideas floating through my brain but nothing pops out at me. I usually just get frustrated and go to bed lol

    • You’re absolutely right! I’m currently sitting in bed and I think my time is better spent replying t comments rather than worrying about a post…

  5. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to me tonight as well, so you aren’t alone!

  6. At such moments I lime to quiet the mind…..enter a meditation of sorts. Most often, a question will enter the flow. The rest is just “pen to paper.”

  7. Sometimes I feel like this, in which case I switch to catching up on my book reviews for which I’ve usually got some notes to work from; failing that I open one of my short story files of which I’ve usually got a couple on the go.

  8. Yep. Hence why I stopped writing for a while- nothing to say, say nothing at all… In the process I lost a lot of regular commenters! Major bummer! I needed to get back into yoga to find inspiration again. I realized while I was regularly doing it I was continuously finding inspiration. Some days are just better than others.

    • You lost commentators? That sucks – I didn’t think the blogging world was fickle like Twitter? I’m here still though – I always enjoy your posts!

      • I know, I adore you! Not like people stopped following… The responses slowed down as did the amount of people viewing my page. I don’t foresee that being a problem for you though!

      • It depends – I can sometimes get a random spike in my views when I haven’t posted anything, and then other times I can write several posts in a day that I pour my heart and soul into and get a lot less that usual. I’ve worked out the optimum time t post and tag things which has helped, but it’s a case of keeping your presence felt. If it makes you feel any better, my monthly number of views are at it’s lowest since last October and I’ve posted a lot this month!

  9. Sometimes when my mind is blank but I still want to write I just write a bit of flash fiction around a magic user. Since fantasy is what drew me into writing, it is my default when all else fails.

  10. When I’m not posting reviews I usually just wait until I have the inspiration and the urge to write about something. Usually it’s something that I feel strongly about and sometimes it might sound like a rant but that’s what passion does to you. At least you managed to write a post πŸ™‚

  11. I get ideas at the oddest times, so I scribble them down on the notepad by the bed, the one by the phone, or on a post it or a scrap of paper. That way, there’s always an idea around somewhere for that moment when I think I’m out of ideas. πŸ™‚

  12. I get stuck from time to time, but a few minutes perusing the news usually gives me something to make fun of. Right now I have no idea what my Top Ten Tuesday list will be tomorrow.

  13. Funny -this popped up in my mind as a possible subject to blog about because I’ve been in a similar same frame of mind at the moment after a stressful period. From time to time my muse takes a hike too. Give her time Suzie, she’ll be back soon. Personally, the more I chase mine, the better she hides…

  14. I always have something to write about. I jot down ideas and when time is available I plunk them out. My problem is not frozen mind, it’s more like screen scream–working all day on a computer means it’s tough to work on one again at night!

  15. This is a common occurrence for me. Most of the time I draw my inspiration for posts from my kids or jobs, but every now and then I realize that neither source has given me anything really interesting, or worth writing about. That’s usually when I take a stab at an opinion piece or a short anecdote that despite the written words are easily interpreted as “I got nothing.”

  16. I blank a lot sometimes. I’ll be in the middle of something (or speaking) and then I’ll just blank and stand there for a bit before turning to someone and asking, “What was I doing?”

  17. Throughout the day, whenever I come up with an idea, I create a draft with one or two sentences describing my idea. That’s the only way I survive writer’s block. I I can’t think of something to blog about, I have a list of ideas to choose from.

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