A Dented Bucket List


I love Bucket Lists – lists of things that we wish to achieve/see/do before we die – and last year I spent hours creating the ultimate Bucket List that combined all the smaller ones that I have made over the years. I’ve made a good start on it too and have been able to cross quite a few things off…

However, I was inspired when I saw the idea of the ‘Dented’ Bucket List, created on the RawrLove blog in support of the much missed Rarasaur, who had suggested the idea herself. I decided to create my own – focusing on things that I would never deliberately see and do, things I never hope to experience and things that I have experienced already but would have been on the list. These are not meant to be judgemental towards anybody else and their lifestyles, they are based purely of personal preferences and are in no particular order.


1. Cage dive with Great Whites. Not even if there was money involved. Never. Ever.

2. Have to start my life again from scratch with almost nothing.   

3. Live through the coldest two weeks of the year without gas or heating under a duvet, with just 25 pence in my bank account.

4. Wear fur.

5. Attend a bullfight.

6. Do drugs. I’ve never tried any of them aside from cigarettes and alcohol because I’ve never had an interest to and never will – it’s something that has never appealed to me.

7. Buy and/or listen to Justin Bieber’s music.

8. See Justin Bieber in concert.


9. Go camping. 

10. Skydive. I have a terrible fear of heights and flying, and so the two combined are even worse. While it appears on a lot of Bucket Lists that I have read, it will never appear on mine.

11. Bungee Jumping. See number 10.

12. Lick anything from someone else’s belly button.

13. Complain about having a job. While I may complain about my workload on occasions, as most people do, I have never, and will never, lose sight of the fact that I have a good job and I am very lucky to work there.

14. Watch Twilight again. There’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

15. Eat boiled egg. Eww. The smell is enough to make me feel sick.

16. Spend the night in a haunted building. I don’t see the point in scaring myself for fun.


17. Be ‘too old’ to do something.

18. Lose sight of the importance of a good friend.

19. Perform on stage in a play. I have recurring nightmares about being in front of an audience and not being able to member my lines.

20. Make The Bloke wear a matching outfit, unless it’s fancy dress.

21. Get another perm. I looked like a blonde reject from an ‘Annie’ audition.

22. ‘Grow up.’

23. Pose naked. Nobody needs to see that. I envisage people running away and screaming ‘my eyes! My eyes!’…

24. Forget. Forgiveness is one thing, forgetting is a whole different matter.

25. Expect anything from anyone.


What about you? What would be on your dented bucket list? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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28 thoughts on “A Dented Bucket List

  1. I love this bucket list, it’s simple enough but yet as a lot of things that most people want in life too. Great job as usual Suzie! I’m glad to be back and see your posts again!

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  3. A wonderful list. On mine: climb Mt. Everest. An industry that puts so many lives in great danger, just to say, “I did it.” Not without those undersung Sherpas – none of them did it at all.

  4. There’s a book listing a thousand places to see before we die. My dented bucket list includes rushing through life so quickly that I would attempt such a thing. At first it seemed like a fun checklist. As I thought about it, I realized I wouldn’t have much time to linger at any of those places long enough to truly be there.

  5. I have so much to say about this but all I can say is that I love this list. I have gone skydiving and it is unreal- I hate heights but I needed to do it. That being said, now that I’ve done it I’m ready to move on because I’m too old for that now 😉 hahaha! This was a great list. Aside from hard boiled eggs… I love them! They’re such a great snack!

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  10. I may be warped in my sense of humor but I loved your dented bucket list! I would add Never vacuum behind furniture again and if I knew I were dying, No more flossing!

  11. This is a great idea. It’s nice to have lists you can cross things off of immediately – gives you a sense of immediate progress. Very good piece (throwback or no throwback). Keep it up!

  12. While I have my virtually separate bucket and reverse bucket lists, you have everything all in your dented bucket list.

    Nice to know we have some “things” in common 😉

    Great list! A lot made me chuckle 🙂

  13. Hmmm…. guess I’ve never thought of a dented bucket list before. But some I can think of just right now.

    1. Stop loving.

    2. Snake charming.

    3. Underwater cave exploring. (I have this fear of getting stuck and air tank running out.)

    4. Bungee Jump (I’d rather skydive.)

    5. Commit Adultery. (I’m sure it’s one of those things that’s probably a rush during the moment, but the devastation it would cause to everyone I love, I could never live with myself.)

    7. Stop eating Bacon or Doritos.

  14. I hope I never have to fly again. I didn’t like it before all the extra fees and rules. However, if I do get a chance (money) to fly to Portland, OR to see my former sister-in-law, I will endure flying to see her. Or maybe get a good car and do a road trip across the USA from Virginia (which is on my real bucket list). This was a good list. A lot of them would be on mine — like wearing fur. Regarding #25, yeah, that’s a hard one. It sounds so hopeless. I hope I can expect at least a modicum of respect from people. Okay, now that just sounds laughable.

  15. Thanks for the laugh, Suzie. I am intrigued with bucket lists, particularly as I have a life-threatening illness and theoretically speaking should have one but haven’t gotten around to it. I think I’m too overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to get done. My dented bucket list is a hard one. I defintely won’t be decluttering my house to the point of turning it into some kind of minimalist museum piece. One day, all those chucker-outers are going to regret it. Defintiely won’t be going to watch any form of cricket or going to the motor racing. Getting the washing done before kicking the bucket isn’t my thing either. That’s a good start.

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