What Really Grinds My Gears

It’s pay day and even though it’s the holidays I had to go into work to do some extra coursework with the students. On the way back I decided to treat myself and stopped at the local McDonald’s, where I promptly ate my food whilst catching up on Twitter and minding my own business. Suddenly something hit me on the back of the head. I turned around to see a child standing there and laughing – he had thrown some of his food at me and seemed to find it hilarious. His mother responded by simply whining at him “Jadeeeeeeen… Don’t dooooo thaaaaaaaat! You’re soooooo nauuuuuuuuuughty!” in a baby voice. I was tempted to stand up, dump the rest of my fries on his head and laugh back, but then I realised that it would have been a complete waste of food, and I hate that.I normally try and put a positive theme into my blog posts, but sometimes things (usually inconsiderate people) really irritate me.

I’m always reminded of the Family Guy episode where Peter hosts a news segment called ‘What Really Grinds My Gears,’ and so for today’s post I am going to do the same.

These are the things that really Grinds My Gears

1. Eating popcorn with open mouths at the cinema.
2. Kicking the seats at the cinema.
3. Allowing children to run around at the cinema.
4. Spitting on the floor, particularly in the spot where I’m just about to walk.
5. Playing music so loudly from their car that it vibrates my whole body and the walls of my house.
6. Standing in front of me when it’s clear I’m looking at something – this applies to the zoo, museums, art galleries and shops.
7. Hitting me in the ankles with pushchairs.
8. Sneezing on the back of my head when I’m on the bus.
9. Weight comparisons.
10. Playing music on public transport – It’s inevitably awful music and I’ve been tempted to play some 80’s rock music in retaliation.
11. Lectures on any form of religion.

12. Making a ‘duck face’ when taking photographs.
13. A complete lack of manners.
14. Only contacting me when somebody wants something.
15. Walking past me and telling me to ‘cheer up’ when I’m minding my own business.
16. Lecturing me on my job.
17. Interrupting me.
18. Racists.
19. Sexists.
20. Animal and child abusers.
21. Homophobes.
22. People telling me how much money they earn.
23. People who feel the world owes them something.
24. Stopping suddenly right in front of me and then tutting at me when I bump into them.

25. Responding to an argument with ‘whatever.’
26. Talking down to someone in a service based job – waitress, barman, fast food restaurant, coffee house…
27. Making assumptions on my personality based on my accent. ( I have a thick northern English accent and some assume that I lack intelligence because of it.)
28. Assuming that accidental eye contact actually means ‘I want to sleep with you.’
29. Hypocrites.
30. People who don’t take no for an answer.
31. Nagging.
32. Borrowing something and not returning it.
33. Dropping litter on the floor.
34. Not picking up dog mess from the street.

And finally…


35. Allowing a child to throw food and me without correcting it, disciplining it and offering an apology.What about you guys? What really grinds your gears?

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38 thoughts on “What Really Grinds My Gears

  1. I cannot stand children. Particularly those with parents who could give a shit. They aren’t fit for polite company. I probably would have smacked the mother into oblivion.

    • Right there is why I don’t go out very much, and generally hide from some of society. Too many social groups I participated in were absolutely hostile towards children– it was as if they didn’t even matter until they were close enough in age to be considered adults.

      Begging your pardon of course, ma’am. I am a sensitive man, and I am very much aware of bad parents… and struggle to convince the public I am not one of them. My son has autism, so, that is difficult enough.

    • Haha! I hate that – if I’m stood at a bus stop or I’m walking around town and somebody tells me to cheer up it makes me wonder what sort of response I’m supposed to give them!

  2. I feel you have lifted my scalp and looked into my brain and produced this list! I’m glad to have found I’m not the only with these pet hates!

  3. I know what you mean and completely agree with these – plus people who pick their noses, people who chew with their mouth open, people who judge everyone around them but set a different standard for themselves, jobsworths and people who scream & swear at their kids and yet expect them to behave like mature adults…

  4. When guys say, “You’re stuck up” because you don’t like or do what every other girl is doing…oh and ppl that don’t respond to text messages. I can go on for days. Tell the child you’d likean apology but then the mother may get angry and cuss you out in front of the child which another thing that gtinds my gears lol

  5. This is a delightful compilation of pet peeves Suzie. I can honestly and wholeheartedly say, I can relate to these small annoyances in much the same way that any wedlock couple found within the British Royal Family can relate to each other…Probably too much!

  6. I’ll add a cinema woe to your good ones, Suzie.

    People who bring cellophane- and hard-plastic-wrapped candy into the theater and rustle it in their hands throughout the entire movie. Trying to hear some dialogue here!

    And add: People who shout out requests between every song at a concert. Trying to hear what this artist is telling us here!

    How about: People who walk directly to the counter pretending they don’t see 100 folks waiting patiently for their turn. Um, yes, there is a line, quite a big line, already here!

    Thank you, Suzie. This is a good venting day. That mama who let her child throw food at you is a lousy excuse for a parent, for not making a show to the kid of apologizing to you, even if she is having the worst of days.

  7. Great list! What bugs me here is that the mother never offered an apology. How arrogant! Children like this grow into adulthood knowing no boundaries and I am very sure that some become a burden to the taxpayer as they land in prison for lack of being taught what is right and wrong.

  8. So much of this could be my list. I don’t like kids that don’t belong to me or my friends or coworkers; the “adorable” behavior of screaming kids “just being kids”. I am a grumpy lady apparently. 🙂

  9. Ooo, you know what grinds my gears? Walking at a particular pace (because I need to get somewhere fast), and someone just walks out in front of me and slows down to snail pace. Like, pull over and let me continue Nut-Case. Also, drivers who chose to drive on the white line, instead of choosing a lane (happens in Ja all the freaking time) – drives me bat-sh*t crazy. Loved this list though, may need to do one myself.

  10. God…you know what I really hate? People cracking their fingers and picking their nose when they about to touch something that I would probably use. Also people who only want you so you can do them a favor and basically everything you said.

  11. Loved this post! I agree with so many of your pet peeves.

    My contribution: Drivers who speed up expressly to prevent you from changing lanes when you turn on the blinker. Another driver did that today. She was so far back that it should have been easy to get over for that upcoming turn (like a block or so down the road). As soon as the blinker turned on, she speed up to almost 60 miles per hour (in a 30 zone, I might add) just to keep us from changing lanes.

    Also, I dislike people who make assumptions about intelligence.

  12. Almost every single thing on your list would be on mine. LOL The child thing irritates me probably the most. And it irritates me when people do it with their dogs too. Their Rottweiler is lunging at me ready to tear out my jugular and all they can say is “No fluffy! You’re so bad” as he gets closer and closer thanks to their teeny tiny leash. ugh.

  13. Great post and I agree with so many of these! One I would add is people who stand so close to me in a queue that I can feel their breath on the back of my neck…they couldn’t get any closer if they tried! Hate it!! Invasion of my personal space!!

  14. This is a great list…That annoys me too how some parents just allow their kids to “run havoc” in restaurants and stores; some of them seem to think it’s cute…it’s not cute. Two things that get under my skin are people singing while listening to music…do that at home please and people snapping their gum especially if it’s an older person (really, you’re too old for that).

  15. 28 I had to fight people about that a lot. That and “because you treat them (men) with respect and kindness they think you are hitting in them.” No. I am showing good manners nothing more.

  16. All of those things especially number 22! And that kid should get a good slap Never did me any harm! Does that count as abuse? I hope not. More, consequence of disgusting behaviour!

  17. I think that I was somewhat clear in my earlier comment– I am positively irritated by people that are hostile towards children. More so because I feel like I must constantly explain my son’s autism.

    Cimmorene and I waited a little while until we had kids. The difference in social interactions was startling after we did. I try very hard to teach my children well, but sometimes, really, some people are hostile, and while I’m sure they’d come around if I could talk to them one-on-one, generally speaking, there are some that are really bad at hiding their disdain.

    • I work with lots of autistic children and I can certainly see your frustration with the lack of understanding between children with learning difficulties and diagnosed conditions. It is always a touchy subject with parents when the behaviour of children are questioned, particularly when they are coming from someone who doesn’t have them themselves. Personally, I don’t like being around young children for a long period of time, which is why I have chosen not to have any for now, but I often find that people who have kids expect everyone else to feel the same way about them as they do. For example, when I have been to watch films at the cinema there have been numerous instances where toddlers have been allowed to run around and scream in films that they shouldn’t have been allowed in. I get hit in the ankles with pushchairs in shops. I have had instances where young kids have run up to me in the street, hit me, laughed and run away and the parents haven’t done anything. I went to the shop yesterday and a 5 year old girl who was standing there with her mum asked me for some money. Her mum just laughed. Of course, there are lots of children with diagnosed difficulties out there, but sometimes badly behaved kids are a result of crap parenting… I’ve met hundreds of crap parents in my job over the years and sometimes it’s difficult not to judge.

      • “but I often find that people who have kids expect everyone else to feel the same way about them as they do.”

        I don’t. I really, really don’t. And it makes me very ANGRY to hear stories like yours. And I’ve seen PLENTY of kids who behave very badly, and their parents do nothing. Before we moved into a house three years ago, we were at an apartment complex, and the children ran like wild dogs. When we moved out, my father was helping me and tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. Our manager said, “Don’t. They’ll be nice to your face, but once you turn around, they’ll say, “F**k you!” They terrorized my daughter, and she’s still traumatized by the memory.

        Understand, Suzie. I really have seen awful brats spawned by trashy parents. And I’m PISSED OFF because those tossers have ruined it for the rest of us… pardon me for saying it so crassly.

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