Advice Needed…

A week ago I discovered that a blogger was sharing a post that I had reblogged in his newsletter. It wasn’t my post, I hadn’t given permission and I asked him to take it down, which he did. 

This blogger and I have no problem with each other, as far as I know. In fact, we’ve spoken once or twice, we don’t follow each other and in the year I have been blogging I have read perhaps 1 or 2 of his articles. He’s never been rude or disrespectful towards me, but I am aware of several incidents where he has appeared to target other bloggers in quite a malicious manner, and I want no part of that. 

Today, I discovered he had used several of my articles in his newsletter. These WERE written by me, using a domain name that I own and were published to my personal twitter account, which he doesn’t follow. I don’t want to cause any issues, but I don’t want this person using my stuff, especially as I haven’t been asked or given permission. 

Advice needed please. 

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  1. First thing comes to mind is bring this to They deal with copyright issues on some level. Sorry I can’t offer you more. 😦

  2. I am not a blogger. I am a journalist and a published collumnist. I am NOT being nasty. I gather you write to get read? I do. I am sorry. Now your blogging about it!! You must be American right? ‘Advice Needed’ REALLY? I am not stalking you…My Paper picks stories of interest I choose…and does it automatically.

    I have my own AceNews page:
    I write here:
    I am a Sports commentator…

    I would be DELIGHTED if you did not have me as a stalker ‘Wannabe Blogger’ You call yourself. Why hide? Why tweet your blogs but get all angry when my paper picks your blog up..


    Relax, please I am trying to sort it ok…

    You could have emailed me instead of this pal..
    I am doing my best to remove you..
    I am glad you don’t say bad things about me… lol

    Once I remove you, I will block you, you will block me?

    Also..You confirmed YOU WANTED to be in my Paper…I asked, you said yes..
    So I never just did this.. You ticked a box to agree to this..

    Honest…Try to be a decent guy and THIS..

    Not fair Suzie 😦

    • I’m going to allow this comment just so I can reply. I apologise if i have ticked a box somewhere. considering we have perhaps spoken once or twice since i started my blog i don’t remember signing up to any sheet. i certainly dont get emails from you. However, Let me make this clear Shaun. I’ve already asked you once not to use my stuff. Why? Because whenever I’ve seen you write about things that aren’t news related it involves attacking other writers/bloggers blah blah blah. I’m sure you have amazing writing credentials, and have absolutely no interest in seeing them. As far as I’m concerned, you could write for the biggest selling newspapers in the world and I still wouldn’t want to be associated with you. I think that you’re viscious and nasty when challenged, as you’ve just proved in your comment (this is like lots of comments I’ve seen you write) and after I have finished writing this reply I am going to block you and I expect you to do the same. If I find that you have ‘helped me’ by using my stuff again I will seek advice from WordPress.

      And I could be a blogger, a writer, a journalist or a frigging farmer, and it still wouldn’t be any of your business. And no, I’m not American. I’m English.

    • Every article published in is permalinked to the original full article and only an excerpt is published. That results in a backlink every time an article is promoted in

      • Hello Timethief, I’m not sure how to respond to you. Suzie did not name the newsletter, and I was asking for clarification about attribution, which I suppose you to be providing here. If all you say is true, then the excerpting and linking would seem to fall into a fair use exception to the copyright law, so long as the association of her content with the content of the paper does not cast her in a false light or damage her reputation. I didn’t recommend her to see a lawyer because so long as he wasn’t plagiarizing, then I didn’t see legal recourse as an option. I have seen you commenting in forums. Are you a representative of WP or of

    • Hi Brenda, apologies for not replying sooner – I must have accidentally missed your comment. It certainly would be the correct to go about things. Unfortunately, I tried that once and it happened again. Hope you’re doing well!

  3. I am sure that you could consult a lawyer friend and ask him ‘to cease and desist.’ Or you could write him an email that addresses this, saying that is why you use the ‘Publish’ button, to make sure it is copyrighted! I explained this to someone who was quoting me, that it is fine to do so, but please let me know first.
    I am sure there are others who are much more clear on what you should do, Suzie! Hugs to you! Sorry for your feeling a bit ‘off’ or ‘put out!’ I appreciate your sense of fairness and humor shown in your posts. You are being quite polite, my friend! I have ‘spammed’ two people who irritated me, until they stopped completely. One had even dared to use the word, “liar” in my approach to my writing about dating. I tried to explain that I added my byline, “Relationships reveal our hearts” to cover my non-dating periods, but this created some back and forth comments, I edited these out of my comments’ section, once I decided to ‘spam’ him or her. Take care!

  4. Do you have any sort of Creative Commons license attached to your blog? Just curious.

    Just ask that he remove the content nicely. If he doesn’t comply then you’ll have to take the legal route or if it is a wordpress blog, you might be able to report him (I’ve never done that so you would have to look into it…)

  5. OK
    Deleted you from paper…
    Feel free to delete me…This blog was awful Suzie 😦
    Make me feel like a stalker 😦

    I am a Journalist and published columnist.
    ShaunyNews is my name (Well Shaun) I am a blogger for fun..
    I write news from where I am in Scotland for a living.
    I am disabled badly with Fibromalagia and Chronic Pain Syndrome.
    This is probably why I am explaining myself 😀 …. GUILT!
    ShaunyNews Blog:
    ShaunyNews Facebook:
    Shaunynews Twitter: @Shaunynews
    ShaunyNews Tumblr:
    ShaunyNews Google+ :
    I write for Glasgow Celtic Football Club:
    Twitter for Celtic FC :
    I write for AceNewsServices:
    I do articles for Broowaha:
    I also have a Facebook group YOU can join to share your amazing work and meet amazing people: < Feel free to join.. I like to help ok.
    My Stumbleupon page:

    This was me at my mums wedding before I walked her down the aisle

    Please.. Don't paint me as a bad person…That is NOT cool..


    • Thank you for deleting me. I would like to point out that I didn’t mention your name or your blog, and the last time we spoke I was more than polite. I’m acutely aware of the pain that Fibromyalgia sufferers go through and I’m sorry you’re suffering, but that’s no excuse to respond in the way you did, both on twitter and on here. I will delete these comments, I will delete this post – I wrote it because me politely asking you to take something down like I did last time clearly didn’t get the message across, and there was no way I was going to get into a private email war with you. I have already blocked you on twitter, after you decided to retweet as much of my stuff as possible, and I don’t expect this to go any further. I’d like you to leave me alone now please.

      • What??????????????????
        “I’d like you to leave me alone now please.”


        That is not cool
        I am copyrighted

        You ask me to leave you alone
        Don’t let my comment through
        Call me dangerous..
        Yet YOU signed up for my paper..

        Not cool..
        Makes me look fucking wonderful!!

        I have to report you pal..

      • LOOK AT THE MESSAGES YOU’VE BEEN SENDING. Proof that you are dangerous, and nasty. I haven’t deleted any of your messages. I didn’t mention your name – I asked for advice because I wasn’t sure of the wordpress policies if someone was using your stuff without permission. I already told you not to use stuff last week – funny that there was no mention of ‘signing up’ to anything then. Again, your name wasn’t mentioned – you identified yourself with your long rambling comments that have just been link after link to your stuff.

        And for the second and final time, I’d like to you stop messaging me now.

  6. Yeah,,Suzie I do this a lot.. You can use this same one if you want..

    But you clicked YES to allow yourself onto my paper..
    This is the way it works..Read things clearly and you won’t get all flustered..
    The internet can be a pain in the arse, trust me, I do it for a living (NO PISSING CONTESTS)
    It can be shit when you ‘Think’ someone is annoying you..

    I have saved EVERY conversation we have EVER had…
    For obvious reasons… You should do the same…
    Things get said..lawyers from your blog or my work get involved..

    Seriously, it happens..
    So be careful what you sign up to Suzie..

    Take your friends advice..

      • LOL

        I have had to report you to Twitter and also WordPress..

        Do yourself a favour and stop calling me viscious and dangerous.

        I am a disabled Scottish man, working as a writer..

        So what? I write…you write..
        Why be so nasty…

        Expect something from someone soon..
        You are OUT OF ORDER to call me Dangerous..
        That is like telling WordPress and Twitter I am dangerous..

        You understand what you are doing here right?

      • And you are talking to yourself…
        Be brave and let the comments through?
        Doesn’t matter…All been sent to WordPress head office..

        You ain’t calling me dangerous in an open forum and getting away with it pal..

  7. Thank you for your report.
    Your report has been submitted. We may need additional information before processing your report. Please check your email. You can print out a copy of your report at this link.

    Sorry pal..You called me dangerous..
    You added yourself to my paper…
    That is liable against me © ShaunyNews

    All you had to do was email me.. Not start this blog about me..
    I am reporting to WordPress also..

    I am sorry pal…
    Truly I am,..
    But don’t act like a drama queen and all important

    IT’S FUN..

    No hard feelings…
    But I had to do this..
    Shaunynews is TM Suzie 😦
    And you willingly signed to my paper…

    Sorry pal

  8. I have to by rules delete you from WordPress now…
    I will be getting a lawyer, through my work involved..

    You don’t call people like me, disabled, Dangerous on a guess Suzie..
    You just can’t do that pal..

    I said sorry about the paper..
    But why can’t you get it that YOU signed up for my paper?

    Sorry pal.. I have to report you

  9. Suzie, I am so sorry this is happening to you. I often choose not to respond when many other people have already commented about a post, especially if I have nothing to offer that’s new or significant. Why should I waste your time with so much repetition? However, this guy is SO annoying, self serving, and disingenuous that I wanted to let you know: I’m on your side on this one, all the way.
    You have been so kind and welcoming to everyone who has read and commented on your blog. You generously offer advice to the new kids on the blogging block, you go out of your way not to identify people in ways that someone else can point a finger. You reply to nearly every single comment anyone makes, a sweet way of acknowledging everyone’s importance to you. You exhibit the epitome of blogging respect and courtesy.
    I think this incident is probably a mark of how big your following is. People like this guy don’t usually pick on someone whose blog is not well followed. He’s looking for exposure, and getting negative exposure is just as good for some people as positive. Think of those kids you’ve taught who know they’ll get in trouble for doing something and go ahead and do it anyway, just for the attention. He’s hoping to generate followers from your blog. That’s why he keeps adding all his addresses – to your blog!
    Head up, Suzie. You’re doing fine.

  10. Good lord, what an ass. All he had to do was remove the links to your post and apologize. This attack was unprovoked and uncalled for. And he’s going to talk to his lawyer? Seriously? Leave his comments up and no lawyer would take his case. What a psycho.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you Suzie. This behavior is unacceptable.

  11. Suzie,
    I am appalled and speechless at the level of bullying that person resorted to. I know you have done what needed to be done, and send you my best wishes. You have been nothing but supportive to other bloggers and I am disgusted by the behavior of some people, who give bloggers a bad name.

    And, my goodness. Bloggers, if you like other people’s posts, reblog and MAKE SURE you give credit where CREDIT IS DUE.

    You are class act, lady. Keep on blogging!

  12. You know what I find so funny about this this whole thing…Shaunynews aka Shaun, I am guessing, starts his claim from the very beginning -VERY BEGINNING ….and stuantly I might add that ..”I AM NOT A BLOGGER”…

    Then explain to me Shaun, …if you have “shaunynews” and it is on WP … you clearly have a blog AND you PAID for this blog on is a dot com…SO SHAUN how can you NOT be a blogger?

    I guess the rest of us “I am not a blogger” bloggers here on WP are just here wasting WP’s time right along with you.

    Suzie, remember this, “ignorance is bliss”. Hopefully WP is taking care of this and you can carry on. My peace is with you.

  13. Suzie, I normally ‘mind my own business’ but am just curious really why you do not want him to share your articles? Unless he claim credit for it? I thought WP has a reblog button and as long as credit is given, posts can be shared? I do not reblog often and I do ask permission when I do a reblog. Reading from this incident, it sounded like sharing another person’s work can turn out to be quite nasty when approval is not given. I am really sorry for you in this frustrating situation. Hope all things are sorted amicably now.

  14. Hi Suzie. I saw this because the other blogger complained about you in the forums. These documents will be helpful to you should you wish to report him for stealing your content:

    You can also add him to your comment blacklist to prevent him from trolling your comments in future. Add his username and email (NOT his IP) to the blacklist section under Settings ->Discussion in your dashboard. Unfortunately you can’t block him from reading or republishing your blog. And the advice someone gave above of adding a copyright notice to your blog is very good. You are welcome to use the one on my site as a template.

    Be careful of Creative Commons licences, though. Read them very carefully before you add one of those, as they cannot be revoked and essentially places your entire blog in the public domain which means anyone can copy it without permission as long as they attribute.

  15. Hi Suzie. I enjoy your blog. Keep going, don’t get discouraged – and try not to feed the trolls.

    Do you teach english? Split infinitives spring to mind, and malapropisms (and I’m wondering what you are liable for). Was it Mrs Malaprop in the play by Sheridan? (it has been about 40 years since I studied it)

    You may not be a prefessional writer, but I enjoy the eloquence of your writings, appreciate your feelings, and will keep following your blog. ❤

  16. My goodness! I cannot believe how he has been speaking to you. Totally unwarranted aggressive behaviour and even more pathetic that he keeps adding links! It was uncomfortable reading and I think you were completely right throughout.

  17. Suzie. No sweat sweetie.

    First he is a bonafide LIAR.
    HE made that perfectly clear when he started with his first sentence. “I am not a blogger”….
    Let me say…or…if I may …
    HE posted HIS links himself.
    The one with the WP blog..
    All of us here including Shaun know that to be a DOT COM on WP you must purchase that DOT COM.
    That makes you a bonafide blogger, pal.
    Also, I also would like to point out that Shaun’s linkind file (spelling?) IS ALSO ANOTHER BLOG RELATED POSTING/link.
    I am not playing this liars game and will not click onto any of his links.

    Your writing to US is beautiful, Suzie!

    Maybe to his fans, he comes across the same. And maybe, you have opened a door that needed opening. Time will tell.

    Head held high. A liar has to keep going until there is no where else to go.

  18. I may be the only American to read your blog but, I enjoy your posts and rather adore how they are not filled with drama (much like many American things seem to be). However I was quite pissed to hear American (which really can mean North Or South American) is a insult.

    But let’s take it a step further. He’s harassing you, doing some odd name calling/ hitting on your English pride, using his disability as an excuse (hate that, I am visually impaired and my only excuse I give for that is I cannot see colors well!), and tries to paint you as a villain. Then tries to hide this with shallow attempts at having good manners.

    It’s a shame… Perhaps he is acting more American than he accused you of being 😉

    Keep strong and do your best to stamp out any more of his shaming!

  19. Wow…And whoa. It’s amazing how unsafe the Internet can feel. Sorry you had to deal with this type of thing—I’ve been there, and it’s truly disheartening.

  20. Was really shocked by this guy’s comments Suzie and so sorry that you were subjected to this. I think you have handled it extremely well and did the right thing by reporting it.

  21. Hi Susie,

    May I wade in here please?

    This is not a copyright issue and the commenters here do not appear to be well informed on the issue which is,in fact, a non-issue in law.

    Paperli is a publication that includes ONLY links and snippets to posts that are publicly published a available to all internet access. Just as you cannot prevent from promoting ONLY your links and snippets in the Reader when your blog is not private (read the Terms of Service), and just as you cannot prevent anyone from promoting ONLY links and snippets in any blog post they choose to publish, you cannot prevent them being published in or in any similar publication.

    I hope this helps.

    • It does – I already spoke to a WordPress admin woman who has given me some brilliant info about Paperli. I think the issue started as a small one – my main concern is what you have read in the comments above you. But thanks anyway, appreciate your time.

      • I’m aware of that, and I already know this because when it was happening I was given all the correct information from a member of admin at WordPress. However, the people that have commented are trying to help and offer advice, which I really appreciate, as I am appreciative of your advice too.

    • I know it isn’t a copyright issue. I never said it was. He credited what he shared. My point was that I wanted to find out if it was possible to stop this one particular blogger from sharing my articles.

      • I am so sad that this disturbing exchange occurred. I enjoy your writing and I admire the comments from the terrific community you have created here. That’s why I follow your blog and promote your posts on Twitter and that won’t change but I would like to suggest that cleaning up one’s comments and closing them is permissible so you may want to consider that. All my best to you always.

  22. I hear this is a big problem for many bloggers. It hasn’t happened to me yet (that I’m aware of). I did stumble upon a blog once that was fantastic… at least, I thought so. Then, I noticed at the end of every post was a link that said “From http://www.etcetcetc,com” Sometimes the websites were other bloggers and sometimes they were bigger names like Cracked or The Huffington Post. Yes, he was saying, in very small print at the bottom, that he didn’t write that. He also wasn’t reblogging or something like that. I imagine the only reason he copied and pasted entire articles from the internet was for the buzzwords to make his viewer ship grow. It is possible he just didn’t know about copyright and thought that link at the bottom was enough.

    Long story short, I told a friend about the blogger because I wasn’t sure what to do. She wasn’t a blogger or anything, but still decided to contacted Cracked and The Huffington Post to let them know their work had been stolen and I think she shot an email to WordPress as well. I think those are the channels to go, especially if the problem escalates. If contacting WordPress dosen’t help, try contacting the authors of other work he publishes and see if he had their permission to do so,

  23. Hilarious.

    Despite the fact he identified as a “published columnist” and “NOT a blogger,” I clicked a total of ONE of his many links and saw that his profile summary read something along the lines of, “I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and…”

    Ha ha! Classic.

    Also, for a so-called columnist, the guy is a horrible writer, and that’s the funniest part. It’s easy to spot “talkers” like him. If you’ve genuinely got the goods, you don’t give a crap if someone tries to take a bite out of you. If this “shauny” guy were the big deal he claims to be, your post (no offence) wouldn’t have ruffled his feathers in the slightest.

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