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It’s another glorious day and I’m on a train to London – I’ve booked tickets for The Commitments for my mother and I and we’re going to have a lovely meal at a beautiful restaurant.

I always try and reserve seats in advance and I was pleased that for once I had managed to obtain a seat with a table and a plug outlet. Unfortunately, when I arrived I had discovered that an elderly lady had sat in it. She pretended not to hear me when I informed her that she had taken my seat so I sat opposite her instead. It’s fairly quiet at the minute and I’m quite comfortable so I’ll wait until someone tells me to move and then work it out later. I’m currently sitting next to a lovely woman from London who is on her way back from a bachelorette party and is feeling extremely hung over. She’s very nice, but absolutely reeks of alcohol. We’ve been stopped for a while now in the middle of nowhere as there is apparently debris on the track, so I’m going to be late for meeting mum, but it has given me the opportunity to be nosey and observe those around me.

Regardless of the journey I am on, there are always the same type of people in each carriage:

1. The Sniffer. It’s almost rhythmic – 1, 2, 3, sniff, 1,2, 3, sniff. I have been known to make up melodies to match the patterns.

2. The Small Talker. The person that’s desperate to get to know everyone around them because they can’t stand the silence.

3. The Old Marrieds. Obviously been together as long as I’ve been alive, and have developed the art of commenting on everything and everyone around them… “Ooh, look John, a lovely tree. Isn’t that a lovely tree!”

4. The Stag and Hen parties. It’s always possible to tell what stage of the party they have reached based on the noise level – if it’s just beginning there will be lots of shouting and laughing, if they’re on the way home the smell of stale beer will be in the air and they’ll be talking very slowly and quietly about the events of the previous night.

5. The Business Person. Dressed in a suit. Working on a laptop. Talking loudly on the phone, their conversation interspersed with loud guffawing.

6. The Stressed Out Parent. Their child simply won’t shut up, and so they’ve given up and have allowed them to run up and down the carriage just for a minutes peace.

7. The Complainer. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. They’re tired. Why isn’t the coffee machine working in the shop.

8. The Girl Who Has Just Been Dumped. Will spend the entire journey on the phone, starting with the ex and followed by every single female friend in their phone. Usually finishes with a phone call to their mother.

9. The Chewer. Chews their food loudly. Very loudly. Fond of consuming crisps (chips) in vast quantities…

10. The Music Enthusiast. Likes to listen to music on their headphones so loudly that the rest of the carriage can hear them.

What about you guys? Do you see any stereotypes on public transport?

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15 thoughts on “Train Adventures

  1. The commitments is amazing! I’ve seen it twice, so good, I can’t put it into words! Well i just did… But ‘so good’ doesn’t really do it justice. I know that wasn’t the point of this blog, but let me know what you think!


  2. Lol. I have to admit I’m a sniffer. It’s due to a medical problem in my nose that is too complicated to explain here (and you won’t be interested anyway). So don’t judge them so harshly πŸ™‚

  3. I would add two more classes: a batch from the armed forces, often bullying others and a group of families going off on a religious or social outing.

  4. Lol. Love the old married couple and their comments. I tend to notice that the complainers are usually in a rush as well. Not sure if just my luck with them.

    As for me, I’m such a people watcher. I love to study someone and make up a story in my head about them and their life. I’m weird like that. Usually I’m alone but if someone is with me I share. Not sure if that’s annoying or not. My imagination has a way of going off in the deep end on its own.

  5. I’m going with my friend to see Miss Saigon in October. Unfortunately my journey only takes less than an hour so I won’t have much time observe anyone. Anyway, I’m usually the one who wants to chat, I’m not nosey ( well, not too much) I’m just very interested in people. Oh, how I was still one of the old marrieds, he died ten years ago so I am packing in every experience I still can. I fly to California later in the year to see my sister and family so perhaps I can observe then, if I’m not chatting to the pilot. ( This has happened).

  6. Ah Suzie, I know you’ve been nominated for this already but your blog is one I keep up with the most. Here us the very inspirational blogger post I wrote and you’re in there (but obviously you do not have to do this again!!)

  7. What about the person that you sit next to that gets off at the same stop as you but wants to get up 5 minutes before the train stops? Honestly, stay seated for as long as you can!

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