Back to The Old Routine…


Aside from a reblog earlier in the week, this is the first time that I have had the motivation to sit down and write something that wasn’t based around lesson plans, NQT action plans, seating plans, curriculum plans and timetables. I’ve been back at work for a week and even though it was technically seven weeks ago that the academic year ended it feels like I have never left, or indeed, slept.

Despite the initial dread that I think most people feel when going back to work, I’ve actually had a nice few days. I work with lovely people, so it was a great atmosphere when I walked into the faculty office on Monday, my students have been in quite a good mood, and other than a minor confrontation that I had with a deluded parent, I have enjoyed getting back into the proverbial swing of things.

Unfortunately, this has meant that the blog, which I visited and contributed to every day during the last few months, has suffered a little, and I have really missed the daily interaction. I have thought of lots of ideas, but when it got to the point of writing them down all my motivation immediately left and I found that I was staring at a blank screen. I have lots of posts that have been sitting, unfinished, in my draft folder, but for some reason it didn’t seem the right time to edit and post them. Surprisingly, however,(being the stat obsessive that I am) I have been pleased that my number of views hasn’t been affected that much, which is brilliant, and I have even managed to gain some new followers…

My plan for today is to attempt to catch up with everything that I have missed, particularly the posts and comments I have received.

What about you guys? What have you been up to?

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20 thoughts on “Back to The Old Routine…

  1. I think this time of year catches up with everyone. Schools starting (primary, secondary, university, etc.), hot weather but shorter days, etc.

    Me, I have been up to the same old-same old đŸ™‚

  2. Going back is bad, I finally secured a job so will have the Monday morning blues soon enough but that beats the dole scum blues I suppose.

  3. I’m back in a new school after having taken a semester off. I’ve also just returned from Jamaica where I went to my grandpa’s funeral. Of course my blog has suffered. I’ve been wanting to write forever but…nothing ever comes out really.

  4. I am the same having had visitors…it’s hard to sit back in the seat and get writing isn’t it. Back to normal tomorrow, I’m just hoping my fingers tap tap tap as normal!

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