If We Were Having Coffee #3


While this is usually a weekend feature, first suggested by Part Time Monster, I liked the idea of a conversational post this evening.

If we were having coffee:

I’d tell you that today was quite stressful, being the first full teaching day back, and that I am glad that it is Monday night as this means that I have tomorrow off (I don’t work on Tuesdays this year). I’m enjoying the daily challenges that present themselves, and I find that I have a good rapport with new classes, but I’m physically and mentally shattered at the end of each day – I suppose that it will get better as the weeks progress.

I’d also tell you that my blogging plans to catch up were thwarted by Paul and his karaoke evening on Saturday night. It is his birthday today and so on Saturday I ended up drinking a little too much, singing random songs and thoroughly enjoying myself whilst happily munching my way through lots of garlic dough balls and vanilla slices that he and his landlady had put out as part of a buffet in the pub that he works at. Unfortunately, my hangover was bad and my bedroom smelled like an Italian restaurant had set up shop in my bedroom the following day, so there wasn’t much blogging taking place. I felt rough. I blame Paul.

My mum is really sad at the minute – her elderly dog, Jess, who is an Alsatian cross that she got after she and my father divorced, is ill. It’s not looking good. It reminded me of how I felt when Wobbly, my 19 year old cat, passed away earlier this year. I still miss her. I feel a little bit helpless because I know there isn’t anything that I can do to make her feel better – I’m going go up and see her this weekend and harass her.

I’m currently obsessed with the song ‘Hooked on a Feeling,’ by Blue Suede. I loved it in Ally McBeal, it was used in Guardians of the Galaxy and Paul played it on Saturday. I’ve been listening to it almost constantly ever since. Suffice to say, the students weren’t very impressed today.

I’d tell you that I saw Christmas cards in the local card shop. It’s September. We haven’t even had Halloween, or Bonfire Night yet. It annoys me every year. It always reminds me of my failed attempts to create the perfect Christmas every year, and failing miserably.

What about you guys? What would we talk about if we went for coffee?

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22 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #3

  1. Hope you recover tomorrow. I think I like the idea of Tuesday off, you only have Monday to suffer through after a hard weekend, then only 3 more teaching days. (We’ll, Tuesdays not teaching). And it takes longer to recover as you get older :-(. You would think one would learn, but one doesn’t. Sympathies for you your mum and Jess. Hope you can help a bit. And I, too, am alarmed at the start of Christmas merchandise already on sale, and it’s still more than 3 months away! Enjoy tomorrow. Brett.

  2. I am sorry for your mom’s dog. What is Bonfire Night?

    I saw Halloween stuff out in August, so no surprises now that I see things in the store for Christmas now. Unfortunately.

      • I don’t think I had heard that term before, but I had heard of Guy Fawkes Day.

        One of my good friends is going to be in London on November 5th; it’s another friend’s birthday and she wanted to be there because of the holiday. I’m just slightly miffed that I missed out on going (darn work…)

  3. Greetings human. Sorry you’re so exhausted at the end of the day with those creatures (holy flippin nip)!

    I’d pass on the coffee (this time) and ask fur a bowl of cream (with one of those little paper umbrellas in it)- and a boatload of nip.

    And I’d tell you how stressed out IV been fur the last two weeks while the humans grown creatures AND THEIR creatures have been here visiting! The baby one is sweet and cute- he’s only 4 months old- but when he looks at me, I can already see the wheels turning in his little head, making plans of biting my tail, chasing me, bopping me upside my cute little head, and pulling my whiskers out. (Flippin humans)!

    And then there’s the BIG CREATURE- she’s in kindergarten this year- but has she quit harassing me? NO! *(POUT)!*

    She just got smarter about it *(tail swish)*…..

    But that’s okay… I’ve got a brand new nail file stashed under the bed… Hehehe!!

  4. I’d tell you that things are looking up and that I’ve been emotionally stable for the longest period since my wife initially left me over two years ago. Then I’d tell you to read my blog for the rest because my short-term memory sucks and I can’t remember it all. 😉

  5. I would tell you that I have an appointment with the eye specialist tomorrow, and I’m eating everything in my sight as a consequence of the stress. I have a terrible vision in my head that Ill end up with an eye-patch and probably have to drop out of college and become a pirate. I don’t really mind Johnny Depp though..

  6. My condolences for your mommy and Jess mate !

    If I get a chance to have a coffee with you, I’d talk about what is your take on criticisms you face in your life…I’d for sure take a few tips for blogging and and and where do you see yourself after a few years 🙂

  7. I would tell you that it feels so good to be back from vacation, that twelve days away from my furkids is twelve days too long and although my night was interrupted by Lilys (furgirl) flatulence and her need to go outside at 2am or when Penny (furgirl kitty) started meowing at 3am to go outside …. I didn’t mind it one bit, because I was in my own bed snuggled close to the bundles of cuteness that I missed so much!!

  8. You’ve got good taste, Suzie. But I will note that I am just old enough to remember when Blue Suede’s version of “Hooked on a Feeling” was still relatively new. That makes me OLD as far as the Internet is concerned.

    Check out B.J. Thomas’s version, by the way. It’s got some sitar instrumentation 😉

  9. Oh man, Blue Suede takes me back! I used to visit London often and bought their albums. So sad to hear about your mum’s dog. I went through dealing with an elderly hound years ago, and it’s never easy.

  10. I would plonk myself in the sofa across from you and take a large swig from my hot chocolate and complain that I’m tired. I would talk about my mum and her illness and hope you have some quick ironic anecdote for me. I would give you a hug for poor Jess and your mum. It’s awful when a pet is sick. Christmas is earlier every year but as Hugh has pointed out, there are bargains to be found and free bubbly in some shops, so happy times! 🙂

  11. What is it with people and Karaoke nights getting in the way of best-laid-plans? I had one of those happen to me not that long ago. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest… I remember when I was doing different kinds of teaching — it can be exhausting, especially when you have fallen a bit out of practice!

  12. I would ask you to smell my feet and tell me whether or not they stink. My wife says they do, but I don’t know that she’s right. Then I’d be all, “How did you get here, Suzie? Aren’t you from England?” Then I’d be fascinated by your stories about England, because I’m still not convinced it’s a real place.

  13. I would tell you that I’m gonna make it!! I just found this song by Sisters!!! I’ve been listening to it non-stop and have made it the theme song for my blog. Come on by, listen, and we’ll have a second cup! 🙂

  14. Hey Suzie, I can understand how it must make you feel with all whats happening. I have been there too.Trust me give your mommy a new pet she will be happy and feel better.

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    I’d talk about how amazing fall is and all the adventures I would go on here around Chicago. Apple picking, pumpkin picking, indulging in apple cider and pumpkin butter….you see a theme here, yeah? Enjoy today.

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