Stand Back – My Head May Just Explode

imageIt’s been a tough few days. I’ve had several extremely busy teaching days, and as a music teacher there are always the added extras that accompany the new academic year – curriculum plans, open evenings, meetings, re-establishing rules and expectations, instrumental lessons, deadlines, data analysis… My head is swimming. Of course, everyone is in the same situation and I’m lucky that I work in a good school, but with the added anxiety caused by circumstances in my personal life I felt that I was walking around with almost a dark haze in front of my eyes and a huge weight pushing down on me today. Luckily, my lessons were focused around sixth form today and so there was a little more opportunity to attempt to try and organise myself and the department than there would have been if I had been surrounded by the younger ones all day.

I find that, as I age, I am becoming less resilient when coping with stress. In my twenties, I tackled everything head on and seemed to fly through things that I found difficult. Now, I still get the work done, but I often face an internal struggle and almost argue with myself rather than simply just getting on with it. I’m becoming more and more stubborn. However, I recently made a commitment to myself that I would ‘suck it up’ and just do what I needed to do.

Consequently, I’ve worked really hard, even more so than usual, and I’m proud of everything that I have achieved since I went back to work, but I’m shattered. After ticking off a large amount of items from an enormous list since 7.00am I decided that I was going to leave the laptop at school at the end of the meeting this evening, and when I stepped outside I was grateful that the weather was warm and the sky was blue. The Bloke is helping at the Open Evening at his own school, so on my way home I was able to take a little bit of time just to sit and try and breathe until I had calmed down a little. It helped, and after feeding the cats I find myself sitting on the couch with a precious few hours alone. I’m going to have a long hot bath, watch some mundane television and have an early night, and hopefully at some point the throbbing in my temples and knots in my stomach will subside… It still feels that my head may explode.

How do you cope with stress and anxiety? What do you do to relax?

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38 thoughts on “Stand Back – My Head May Just Explode

  1. OMG I’ve been having the same life ……. although luckily not working, except for the auction people being here yesterday and doing so much that I wore myself out. In order to relax, I almost need someone to hit me in the head with a hammer. Doesn’t always work, but it feels good.

  2. I got out of the formal education system – amazing how the stress subsided. Am I chicken, sure I am. Am I a stressless chicken – you bet! 🙂 You are right about being able to take more on when younger. I guess the secret is knowing when to quit before it`s too late.

      • I built up investments and properties that I let. So when the shit hit the fan I had an escape tunnel; then I took on private tuition.

        Be careful you don’t take on too much. It’s a steep, slippery slope downwards. Perhaps part-time teaching with less income and some private tuition may be a future escape route when/if the shit comes your way.

        Stress and the teaching profession go hand in hand. Look after yourself.

  3. Unfortunately, my ways of dealing with stress and anxiety are not very good or recommended.

    So, normally, I chat up a friend online, write, or read an actual book. Or work out, if I really am feeling ambitious.

    I hope things level out soon ((hugs))

  4. Sign yourself up for a hot stone massage, have a glass of wine (as someone has already suggested) and have the bloke rub your feet. If that doesn’t work, add a case of dark chocolate and see what happens.

  5. I usually find a bus journey sorts out my head. Not great advice if you don’t need to get a bus. You could just get on a random bus I suppose…

  6. I read, every night before bed, even if it’s just for five minutes. And I never read anything “professional”. It’s always for fun. Right now it’s “Gone a Girl” by Gillian Flynn.

  7. Aw Suzie. I hope things ease up soon. Earl is the same boat; this week and last have been hellish for him.

    As for me, I read, exercise, and swear profusely 🙂

  8. I find that the pressure builds until you just aren’t capable of thinking anymore! That is when I stop what I am doing. Leave it, and go for a walk. I may meet a friend for coffee. I then come back to “the list” with a fresh perspective, new eyes and a clarified mind. It helps!

  9. My past two weeks have been insane – I’ve dealt with it with lists to stay organized, squeezing extra work in at home, a few nights with wine to unwind and a few forced early nights so I didn’t completely collapse.

    September is rough all around I think – good luck to you!

  10. I cope by watching t.v. or movies, escapism. I cope by walking in parks or being in nature. I like to read on a bench in a quiet place outdoors. I hope you will be able to recuperate and enjoy the musical lessons that you share with the kids. This is meaningful and valuable, but I agree, as we age, it is harder to ‘bounce back,’ at times. I think teachers have a lot on their plates these days, lots of pressure and busy extra-curricular activities, meetings, too.

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