Putting Things Into Perspective


I’m sitting on a train on the way up to Manchester. It’s 7.00am – I have been awake since 5.00am, and currently resemble the closest thing to a zombie that a live human being is going to get. Despite this, I always enjoy travelling at this time in a morning – it’s quiet, there aren’t usually any screaming children and the nutters haven’t yet surfaced, so I’m enjoying the calm of the carriage at the minute.

I’m spending the weekend with my mother, who is still reeling after the death of her little dog, and tonight I am going to meet up with some friends that I made during sixth form college when I was sixteen. We’ve always kept in touch, mainly through the efforts of one or two of them, and we meet up at least once a year. Most of them are married, some have children, and over the years we’ve supported each other through our various achievements and life events. It’s nice to be around people who enjoy each others company, and it’s always guaranteed that I’ll have a good time.

I’m in need of a good night if I’m being honest – the last week has been a sea of paperwork and headaches as the new academic year has started. While it usually eases as time passes, the initial list that I find myself working through is always astronomical, and I always marvel at how calm and relaxed my colleagues seem during this period. I have managed to keep up, but don’t mind admitting that the pressure has reduced me to tears in the privacy of my own home on a few occasions.

By Friday afternoon I was feeling a little down – I was saddened by the news that a teenage scumbag had set fire to Manchester Dogs Home, resulting in the death of sixty animals (yet another reason why I don’t like people sometimes), and my friend informed me that his Nan passed away. Her death wasn’t unexpected, but I still feel sad for him and his family. If you’re reading this my lovely, you know I’m here whenever you need me.

However, when the chips are down, things always seem to happen that put me firmly back in my place and offer a little perspective.

Our school has its Open Evening next week, and my choir (who are brilliant) have been asked to perform. I have been a little worried as a few of the members of the group left at the end of last year as they had graduated, and so our numbers were down and there wasn’t the time to rehearse new starters. However, when I went to my classroom at the end of the day to start a rehearsal with the remaining students I was surprised to see all the ex-students sitting there, complete with a visitors pass and a big smile on their face. It turns out that they had heard about the performance next week and wanted to help out. I gave them a massive hug, and one of them told me that they wanted to surprise me ‘because you’re a legend Miss.’ Suddenly, the paperwork worries didn’t really seem to mean anything – THIS is what the job is about. I almost cried.

The Bloke, as always, has been pretty amazing throughout as well. Last night, after I had regaled him with the story about my choir cherubs, he told me that he was quickly going to the supermarket around the corner, and when he returned I saw that he had bought all of my favourite foods, and we cuddled up on the couch while watching NCIS: LA and talking rubbish at each other. It was exactly what I needed.

I’m lucky. I’m lucky that I have a job that (while challenging and frustrating at times) continues to give back. I’m lucky I have a lovely bloke, a family, amazing friends and the opportunity to spend time with them…

…And this morning I heard that Manchester Dogs Home has received over Ā£800,000 in donations since the fire.

Good things will always happen during bad times.

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21 thoughts on “Putting Things Into Perspective

  1. Ave a great time with your friends. It seems you are better at “bridging that gap” than I am as I discussed in my last post. This is not a shameless plug by the way it’s an appropriate related link to a topic you discussed. Not spam at all. šŸ˜‰

  2. What a lovely post Suzie, even with all the problems and where did you get such wonderful students? See how you inspired them? They love you – it’s not every teacher who can inspire teenagers and live to tell the story. Hugs to you and your Mom and the Bloke – who is pretty damn amazing, no?

  3. It seems life is always about striking an emotional balance. I’ve seen some of your ups and downs over the past 18 months and you always have the resources within and outside of you. You’re always resilient.

  4. “Good things will always happen during bad times.”… Today… I need to believe this today. Today was so bad that I actually passed out. I had a physical reaction to all the bad that I had no control over. Today is the end of many good things that have happened to us… And I have to believe it’s the beginning of something good to come.

    Thank you for sharing this. Loved the story about your student.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your mum’s dog šŸ˜¦ Good on you for seeking out the rays of sunshine amongst the clouds, though. There’s always something positive if you know where to look – and it generally right in front of you, for the taking. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. What a lovely suprise for you to find the ex-students there! I used to sing in a non-religeous choir and it’s so uplifting. It is really heart warming to know there are so many generous animal lovers here in Greater Manchester. I’d have donated myself but my spare money automatically went to WWF as usual :0/ Your bloke sounds like a lovely dude. We’ve been watching Bones (similar but with more humour and quirkier main characters).

  7. Before I write my comment, what is a nutter? Are those crazy people?

    And there will always be evil out there. There’s no changing that. But as there will always be evil, good will always exist as well. We just need to make sure there is more good in this world than evil. Glad things are looking up and I hope and pray that they continue to do so.

  8. It’s always nice to hear about how things work out for the better, I was wondering about my blog and if I had anything interesting to say at all but it’s really about the writing, isn’t it? If you write something mundane in an interesting way, then people will read it. Thanks.

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