If We Were Having Coffee #4


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the weekend went far too quickly for my liking. I met some old friends for a meal and a drink in the town where we went to college fourteen years ago. They’re all beautiful, glamorous ladies who turned up wearing lovely dresses, and as usual I had a great time catching up with them. Almost all are new mothers to beautiful children, so a large part of the conversation was about motherhood, to which I could only offer an occasional ‘aww bless,’ but I’m really pleased for them.

I would tell you that my mum’s house felt a little strange after the death of one of her dogs last week. She still has two, and the dog was only small, but the atmosphere of the house seemed quieter and a little more empty. One of her other dogs was behaving very strangely towards me throughout, approaching me with caution and being very nervous when I stroked him, which upset me a little as I have never been cruel or raised my voice to him.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how saddened I am at the execution of British Aid worker David Haines. While I will keep my angry thoughts to myself (and I am not going to get involved in a political discussion surrounding this), I will say that my thoughts and condolences are with his family – I can’t possibly imagine what they’re going through.

I would tell you that I am feeling a lot more refreshed, having slept for hours this afternoon, almost causing me to miss my train to return home. However, I haven’t been able to completely relax and have remained anxious for a lot of the time, so one of my tasks for this week is to research relaxation exercises and practise them.

I would tell you that I’m delighted to have access to WiFi again. My mother doesn’t have the Internet and my phone finds it almost impossible to find a connection. I’m surprised at myself at how frustrated I get after a while…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m excitedly planning for The Bloke’s birthday next month, despite the fact that he’s always a miserable bugger when facing the prospect of being another year older. I’ve bought him the Lego Ghostbusters car and a few figurines that I’ve seen him eyeing up, and hopefully that will take the focus off his age. I’ve also told him that he’s only as old as the woman he kisses, and as I’m 32 he’s got nothing to complain about!

I would share with you my recent playlist, most of which features tracks from 80’s films. I seem to be revisiting my musical youth a lot recently – you can’t beat a bit of the Footloose soundtrack!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m really annoyed with my vets. One of my cats was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a year ago and since then we have religiously injected her twice a day with insulin and spend a fortune on special food to ensure she remains in good health. We have learned how to take her blood sugar levels regularly and her levels are good, and she is in an excellent, happy condition. However, when we went to pick up the usual two vials of insulin for the vets the other day, they told me that they have only given me one vial and they wouldn’t give me any more until I brought her in for blood tests, that apparently are compulsory every six months. This is the first we had been told about it, and nobody mentioned it six months ago. Apparently, these tests are going to cost me £100, which I don’t have, and her insulin is not going to last until next pay day. Can anyone in the UK with vet experience advise me on the legalities of holding back essential medication as a way of holding me to ransom?

I would tell you that I’ve lost 10lbs in weight since the summer. I’ve got another 50lbs to go, but I’m quite pleased about it… I will have a beach-ready body by next year. I want to go to Vegas, so I’ve got something to work towards!

If we were having coffee, I would share with you the picture of my youngest sister that appeared on my Facebook wall yesterday. She is getting married at the beginning of next month and so held her Bachelorette Party in York, a beautiful, historical city that is miles away from where my mum lives. I expected to see pictures of penis – shaped straws, drunken women in fancy dres etc. However, nothing quite prepared me for the image of my sister being straddled by a very unnattractive, completely naked male stripper. My eyeballs were bleeding – it’s something that I can’t unsee. My mum, however, thought it was hilarious. At least she’s having a good time – I hope they didn’t pay too much money for the experience – I’d be wanting my money back!

What about you? What would you tell me if we met for coffee?


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23 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #4

  1. I loved all of this, Suzie! The friends who you knew ‘when,’ the bachelorette gathering for your sister, your parents loss of a dog, your Bloke’s birthday plans, …I am sad about the journalists’ deaths and others around the world who live in a constant state of fear. Yes, this is true, we share so much over a cup of coffee. I would share that our county fair is going on, that I chose (with some amount of guilt attached) to give my son’s family and my oldest daughter the same ‘token amount of twenty dollars and am not going to go with either group! I am one who hates to say, ‘no,’ but realize that I would be handing out money for all kinds of treats, in the end, we need to think of our ‘retirement.’ Or at least, I do, on my own now. I would love to hear your 80’s play list, it is probably similar to my daughters… I would ask you, as I do all of my married or committed friends, “Do you know anyone over 50 who would be interested in dating me?” Smiles!

  2. if we were having coffee, I’d be telling you all about my brother and sister and I living together again for the first time in nearly 38 years… My brother getting a good job and my sister returning to full health… Our cats adjusting to the ‘new’ living arrangements… The fun at the weekly Farmer’s Market… How I am overcoming ‘fear’ of digital editing and starting to enjoy creating wee videos… And about the approaching date for the Kindle launch of the book I co-authored with 43 other women ~ Empowered Women of Social Media. Thanks for the coffee, I am glad we had this time together!

  3. Why didn’t the vet every communicate this to you? I’d get that information and find out because it seems like a low move. Insulin is expensive enough, and now they want you to come in like blood work is cheap. If you don’t have the option of another vet, ask if you can make payments on the vet bill, and leave a message for the vet to call you back. Withholding medicine like that is not legal.

    • I totally agree and thanks for the great advice. I do have the option of another vet and I’m considering going to a higher authority about it. The simple fact is that I can’t afford it, so they’ll have to wait for the tests, but they aren’t going to hold back the insulin – she’ll die if she doesn’t have it!

      • Exactly. I am appalled by the unprofessionalism of that. It’s so much easier to say to a client “We will need to see her in a few months for blood work…”, which gives you time (I know most vets want their money right away, but when it’s expensive, they should be willing to work with you, especially if you’re not a brand new client.), as opposed to saying “We’re cutting off her medication.” That is tantamount to animal cruelty, and they should be reported to whoever the governing body is in the U.K. for that kind of bullshit.

        My family cat is also on insulin and goes in for a check every 6-8 weeks or so, but only because he was a street cat that was dying when he was rescued, and doing the levels at home is NOT an option. He goes ballistic, which raises his sugar levels and the more stressed he is, you know the drill. However, the vet has NEVER threatened to cut off his meds because he knows his life is being saved by that medication. Stuff like this makes me SO angry.

      • I was gobsmacked – my cat was diagnosed a year ago and luckily she is food obsessed which makes it really easy to inject her as she is preoccupied with eating. We do regular blood curves, pouncing on her when she is asleep, and we spend a fortune on special dietary food. She’s in good health, but over the last year Ive spent thousands (all my savings) in vets bills, and I was appalled by their behaviour.

  4. I would say I am glad you got to see your mother and that I am sorry for the new “normal” of the dog being gone.

    I would be glad that I finished my blueberry muffin BEFORE you told me about your sister’s picture.

    80’s movie soundtracks are the best and I would LOVE to have the Ghostbuster Lego set. I will be 38 in March, you can start saving up again now 😉

  5. What a lovely idea. I’ve been wandering around and away for a couple of months so feel a bit out of the WP loop, but this conversational approach brought me right back in, even though I haven’t read #s 1-3. Good on ya for losing the 10… great goal and a good time table to accomplish it. I am again (or still depending on how you look at it) stuck at a plateau with about 20 to go to goal, but am quite certain I will be fit at fifty — a mere ten months away. Unfortunately being exhausted wipes out any thoughts I may have of being kind to myself by NOT eating that cookie, and I’m in the middle of five 15-hour shifts in a row so rest is not around the corner. Ah well; there’s time. Let’s have another cuppa java, shall we? :>

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