The Greatest and Best Post in the World… Tribute


This is the greatest and best post in the world… Tribute

I was on the train on the way up north, blogging on my phone about my sister’s wedding. The post I had created took me well over an hour. It was epic at over 2,000 words and I had poured my heart and soul into it. When I had finished, I pressed the publish button, and suddenly everything on the screen went blank. It was gone – the signal had vanished on my phone and had somehow managed to delete everything. When my signal returned, I couldn’t find any trace of it – it wasn’t even in my drafts folder.

So, my friends, this is not the greatest post in the world, this is just a tribute.

The post I wrote on that train journey didn’t actually look anything like this post. Couldn’t remember the greatest post in the world. This is just a tribute! You gotta believe it! And I wish you had read it – just a matter of opinion…

34 thoughts on “The Greatest and Best Post in the World… Tribute

  1. Aw, Suzie! 😦 Here, I’m just going to tribute-reply and pretend like I read it before your phone ate it. *ahem*

    THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! Really great work, Suzie. Some of your best!

  2. This Is a comment for the bloggers. But readers listen closely.
    You don’t always have to type it hard sometimes that’s not right to do. Sometimes you’ve got to make some posts and f**king blog it like you used to do…

  3. I’m sure it was a great post, but I’m equally sure you’ll write another one that will be just as good πŸ™‚ A similar thing happened to me on my daughter’s birthday – a fabulous sequence of photos during her birthday party that mysteriously vanished into thin air somewhere between the memory card and my computer’s hard disk. Such is life.

  4. As a veteran writing loser, a writer will lose much in the course of writing but, with determination to not give up, gain even more. What is important will keep knocking on the door of your head to be heard and transmitted and you will write it again, even better. I lost my response to your last response to a comment I made on another of your posts. Although I was disappointed, I didn’t want to take the time to write it now (which I could if I wanted, something about the California gold rush and me telling you the gold is in that other field that doesn’t look as shiny but you insist on sticking with the shiny looking one). As you might already have surmised, in hindsight, it was perhaps best I did lose that thing out of my phone. I have lost ideas I thought were the greatest ideas simply because I couldn’t get them down in time. I’m driving, I’m at work, I’m in the shower, you name the reason you can’t type…… our minds never stop having thoughts and the ones we may have felt were inspiring get lost in the same oblivion as the ones we value little, just as all people, good and bad, rich and poor, all end up in the same place (though I have a somewhat different idea on this having to do with karma that continues after one dies). At any rate, the bottom line is, if it matters, it will resurface in your consciousness and maybe you’ll even come up with a better blog. I have notebooks of handwritten pieces that are still waiting, some several years, to make it to the digital sphere.

    And, if consolation is hard to come by–for writing lost is like lovers lost; it hurts–just think of how wonderful Beethoven’s 10th Symphony would have been and how no one will ever get to hear it, what Mozart might have come up with had he lived longer, Charlie Parker, what would the end of Schubert’s UnFinished Symphony have been like? All really talented writers who never get published, talented actors who don’t get that lucky break, whose number dwarf the ones we get to read and see? And then think, what if that shoemaker in Russia in the 18th century, hadn’t unearthed the only copy of one of Bach’s now most famous partitas for solo violin but instead had just wrapped another pair of shoes with it and it would have been gone to oblivion? Life is a game of chance and while there are times for shedding tears, ultimately, we have to let go of what will not come back and hold on to what will.

    • It’s so annoying isn’t it! I rarely use my phone but am forced to when on the train… I have an iPhone 4 and it’s three years old now so it’s beginning to falter a little…

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