I Am Allowed


I am allowed to have an opinion, to say what I think, what I want and what I know.

I am allowed to have feelings. I am allowed to feel happy when things are good, to laugh at things that I find funny, to feel pain and sadness when things hurt me, and to feel angry when I witness acts that are cruel and unjust.

I am allowed to cry without feeling ashamed.

I am allowed to talk about my memories, even if I wish to discuss them on multiple occasions.

I am allowed to be affected by things that affect me.

I am allowed to develop my own thoughts and draw conclusions based upon what I believe to be true.

I am allowed to change my mind, and change it back again.

I am allowed to enjoy my interests and passions without having to provide justification.

I am allowed to want to better myself.

I am allowed to like what I like, and dislike what I dislike.

I am allowed to stand up for myself.

I am allowed to sometimes do nothing all day, and enjoy it.

I am allowed to fail.

I am allowed to make mistakes.

I am allowed to have regrets.

I am allowed to change.

I am allowed to sing, and dance, and shout.

I am allowed to forgive as and when I choose.

I am allowed to share worries and fears without being advised to ‘get over it’ or informed that I am ‘too sensitive.’

I am allowed to share my achievements and successes, however small, when I am proud of myself.

I am allowed to do things in the way that I wish to do them.

I am allowed to write my own script to my own life.


52 thoughts on “I Am Allowed

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for the reminder. By the way, I love the ‘tiff’ with your friend above. I have never had a friend I could talk to like that.

  2. I am not allowed…right now…I will some time when I learn to live with healthier boundaries.
    I am not allowed to hurt my loved ones with my poor judgement.
    I am not allowed to be allowed to just run my life down.

  3. I am allowed to do any damn thing I want. I love it. It’s the only way to live your life ………. you’re good Suzie! Very good.

  4. I am allowed to say that Suzie was like my first Blogger Crush. (I’m good now, just so you know.) Also I am allowed to say . . . I am still jealous of her talent at times.

    Love you Suzie!
    Much Respect

      • Typing isn’t my best thing these days. One reason for my reduction in posts. But I do read. 🙂 And was going to ask who that knockout in the dark dress in that wedding picture was. I think standing to your mother’s actual right hand side. She had the most awesome hair.

    • You should see us after a drink, particularly when we’re armed with microphones! I enjoy the banter – if I want to wind him up all I have to do is to mention my annoyance with Doctor Who and then just sit back and watch him rant. If I really want to wind him up I simply need to write this:

      Dr Who.

  5. Great list Suzie, a lot of those statements remind me of my first long-term boyfriend who did not allow me to do those things. Polly81 – are you using DW as an abbreviation for Doctor Who or for Discworld?

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