Create Your Own What?!?!

Every school holiday I meet up with five teacher friends that I met when we all worked at the same school about six years ago. Only one remains at the original school and the rest of us have moved on to other places, but over the years we have all managed to stay in contact as we have been through house moves, promotions, marriages, births and a number of OFSTED inspections. We go out for meals,  cook for each other and on one occasion we watched the entire special extended edition of The Lord of the Rings trilogy back-to-back, with a McDonalds break in the middle. They’re a lovely group of very intelligent women and I thoroughly enjoy my time with them as they regale me with stories of their recent exploits.

Tonight we visited a wonderful restaurant that I had never been to before. The group was a little smaller as were missing two of them – one has moved to Spain (of course, I’m not jealous in the slightest) and one has just had a baby boy, but the food was lovely, the atmosphere and the staff were great and the conversation was hilarious. One of the women had discovered a ‘create your own cocktail’ item on the menu, and when dessert arrived she was presented with a selection of little bottles of various liquids that she could use to create a drink that was tailored to her liking, and I was a little jealous that I hadn’t ordered one too.

The bill arrived, and suddenly everyone shrieked with laughter, to the point where people sitting at other tables turned around to find out where the commotion was coming from. This is what they were laughing at:



At just £2.00, my friend said that it was worth every penny…

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  1. bwa! ha! ha! ha! ha! 😀 LOL! as in seriously I was laughting out loud for real. Best 2 pounds spent ever! you should frame that till slip or put it in an album or something.

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