Brain Freeze and Post Recycling


I haven’t had much opportunity to be able to post much over the last few weeks and so I took the chance to revisit articles from the last year. After twenty months of blogging and hundreds of posts I have reached a point where I am running out of ideas and was hoping to find inspiration in my old stuff.

I have done this at various points throughout the year and this has often resulted in the deletion of numerous posts that I didn’t feel were quite up to scratch, particularly as my following has grown and my writing style has developed. However, this time I found quite a few that hadn’t been viewed as much as some of my more recent ramblings, and so I have decided to edit them and share them again throughout the week. It has given me a chance to tidy up the blog and it’s content.

What about you guys? Do you look back on your previous articles and cringe, or do you want to share them again?

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12 thoughts on “Brain Freeze and Post Recycling

  1. Hmm. I don’t look back really (when I have in the past though, I definitely cringed). Usually when I don’t feel inspired to write… I don’t, lol. I think that is about when I increase my blog reading of others.

  2. I have published much of the fiction. Most of the articles I have posted, though, are pre-blog. and several were written before 2010. The only stories I have had to revisit is my series of novellas for correct characters.

  3. Considering earlier works is a great idea, especially if you add to it in some way. I believe there is value in re-sharing. Since time has passed, the relevance of the work may still hold true. For some, it may change. For fresh eyes, it may be new.

  4. I’m starting to cringe less at old posts, but when I look back at my posts from 2005 I find some of it definitelycringeworthy. That’s why when I do a Throwback Thursday from way back I rarely give a link to the original.

  5. Whenever I look at old writings or posts, I understand why my sister kept trying to torch the old drawings she gave me in middle school.

    I also remember why I didn’t let her do that. It’s good to have a record of my own progression.

    (But sometimes I want to be the only one who knows.)

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