I Shouldn’t Be This Attached To a Phone, But…


In the not-so-distant past, my personal life existed without the use of lots of technology. I didn’t have a home computer or the Internet and my mobile phone was a brick that I could use to ring someone, send them a text message or play snake on. I had a stack of hundreds of CD’s and a little CD player, basic television service and a DVD player.

Three years ago, I got an iPhone 4. I was late to jump on the Apple bandwagon, but being in a relationship with an Apple fanatic and all-round computer geek, I was easily swayed when it came time to renew my contract and decided to upgrade to something awesome.

From the minute I was handed that shiny black handset, I was hooked. Everything it did fascinated me and I spent hours poring over all the brilliant things I could now do that seemed almost space-aged to me before. However tragic it may sound, it became almost like another limb. Wherever I went, it came with me.

With the help of this little device, I kept in contact with everyone who means something to me through phonecalls, text messages, email, FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter… It was the source of laughter as my family and friends shared their stories, and of pain as I was informed of the loss of people that I loved. It helped me to mend broken relationships, and end others.

It shared with me major and local news events, corrected my spelling, told me the time in all the world’s major cities, informed me of the weather and reminded me of important birthdays and appointments.

It allowed me to kill zombies with plants, farm zombies, crush candies, match dots and throw agitated birds of various colours and sizes at green pigs.

It kept me entertained during train and plane journeys. It travelled to Paris, Malaga, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, London, Naples and Amsterdam with me. It joined me on the beach, at the spa, by the pool, in restaurants and nightclubs, the pub and several music gigs.

It encouraged me to watch entire seasons of ‘Drop Dead Diva,’ ‘White Collar,’ documentaries, children’s programmes that made me feel nostalgic and Rom Coms that I knew The Bloke didn’t want to see through the Netflix app.

It took this photograph:

image And this one:


And this:


And this:


And over 10,000 more, which are all stored in random files on my computer.

It allowed me to expand my musical palette, downloading songs that I had previously forgotten. It gave me rock playlists to accompany my shopping trips, easy listening playlists to relax me in the bath, Motown and soul playlists when I needed cheering up. It helped me to downsize my CD collection, creating more space in the house and contributing to local charity shops.

It helped me develop my blog, storing my ideas in the notes section for a later time when I could copy and paste them into a new post.

It was my sanctuary when my brain wouldn’t allow me to sleep at night, and would wake me up during afternoon naps at a weekend.

It recorded every significant moment in my life in the last three years, and still doesn’t bear a single scratch.

Today, it decided that it had had enough, and travelled over the electronic bridge in the sky. I have an image of little wings on it’s back, happily flapping through the air and thinking ‘thank goodness I don’t have to listen to her ramblings anymore.’ I shouldn’t be this attached to a mobile phone, but… I’m gutted.

Goodbye my little phone, we had some good times together.

What about you guys? What piece of technology do you rely on?

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19 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Be This Attached To a Phone, But…

  1. I must say, I have the same with what you have. Probably. I don’t work inside the office. I get all my projects through emails. I navigate for hours using google maps while listening to my selected music on spotify. Arrange my dental appointments, talk to my son whom I called the “skype kid” coz he always wanted to see my face and whatever is behind me. These are just few of the many things my other limb can do. I should call it the same as you described it. I don’t think I could get rid of it anytime soon. And… maybe not.

  2. I am completely the same. A couple of weeks ago, my iPhone took a dip in the water bowl. It sank to the bottom before I even realised it had fallen out of my pocket. I was devastated to say the least as it started suffering from what can only describe as an epileptic fit. Thankfully, the device proved faithful and suddenly revived itself. I was without a phone for two days but looked like a lost sheep wandering around aimlessly without it! Whatever would we do without technology?

  3. My condolences.

    I lived that life with the stack of cds and no internet access and the big clunky outdated phone even longer than you. Just got my first smartphone in August of this year. And I must say, the camera is awesome. Also, being able to retweet and read my blogs anywhere.

    I rely on the mobile to see what’s going on and do easy things like share stuff with one click. I do the heavy lifting on laptops, though. I get really grumpy if when my computer time is interfered with.

  4. Smartphone, smartphone, smartphone. When my last computer was getting old and unreliable, it became my main source to everything online (including WordPress LOL) until I could get a new computer. It’s still what I use when I can’t sleep at night and want to see what’s happening elsewhere.

  5. Well, I don’t have a smart phone but I do have a basic touch screen cell phone and feel completely naked without it. I do have a sim card to store pictures on so I can put them onto Facebook when I am able to get to a computer to download my pictures.

  6. I still have an iPhone 4S – I know I should upgrade it because the newer iPhones are so.much.better, but I don’t see why when my little 4S still works perfectly… 2.5 years on!

  7. I love my phone and all it does, but I’m not attached to this phone any more than any others. I do love my laptop and my Kindles. Yes, I have more than one Kindle and I got my first 7 years ago. I still love that I can carry my library with me everywhere and add books to it whenever I want. Of course all that is on my phone now too. I liked your post because it reminded me of one I wrote maybe 4 years ago about how our phones are like our little electronic security blanket. So what did you replace your phone with? another iPhone?

  8. Definitely my iPhone. I had a 4s for 2 years and loved it. I traded it in for an Android phone – huge mistake. It lasted 3 weeks with me. Hubby now has the Android, and I have a shiny, new 5s. Get another iPhone, Suzie!!

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