Useless Things I Learned in School

A reblog of one of my favourite posts from last month – what useless things did you learn in school?

Suzie Speaks

One of the benefits of the British Education System is that students are offered lots of opportunities to be introduced to new subjects and ideas and as a teacher I believe that a well-rounded education and a love of learning is important. However, not everything that we learn will have a useful impact on our adult lives, and these will differ depending on our strengths, interests and career choices. Sixteen years after I left school, here are some of the things that I learned and have not used since.


1. X = ? (I can imagine my math teacher friends getting irate already). I spent years trying to figure out how much X was worth. Nowadays, X is a number of things – a kiss at the end of a text message, a wrong answer on ‘Family Fortunes,’ part of the new Apple Yosemite operating system and three of them…

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