Sleep Needed


It’s 7.30am and I’m on a train up to Manchester to visit my mother. It was my birthday last week and it’s her birthday on Monday, so we usually go out for a meal in between the two. It’s cold, frosty, still dark and I’m shattered. I caught a glance of my reflection in the window and I look like crap – I’ve got a really dull complextion, enormous bags under my eyes and my hair has decided to style itself into something that the 80’s rock legends would be jealous of.

It’s been a challenging and stressful week and at times it has dragged. While there are only two weeks until the Christmas holidays, I have yet to feel any sort of excitement as I still have a mountain of work to finish off. Luckily, for once, my coursework folders are finished a little early, so that removes the pressure that I experienced a year ago. The kids have had enough, we’ve had enough and there is a sense of plodding from everyone to just get through the next few weeks.

I’ve barely touched the blog, and I’m hugely down on my regular stats, comments and general interaction with all the people who make me smile each week. I’m going to get involved in the Twitter #ArchiveDay blog share and try and catch up with some of my favourite ladies in the #SitsBlogging hour…

But first… Sleep.

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26 thoughts on “Sleep Needed

  1. Awww sleep the illusive magic that keeps us sane. Ha ha on the graphic. When I walk in the door I immediately switch to a large raggedy t-shirt and nothing else. Before kids I was a home nudist so the t-shirt is to keep my sons from being scarred for life. ;p

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one who does that with pajamas and home, especially in the winter!

    I think stats are all over the place this time of year anyway. My spam is going nuts on here, so if those count as page views then I am off regardless of keeping up my “normal” posts.

    See you soon!

    • PJ’s are a necessary part of my evening in order for me to relax! My stats have dropped hugely, but i think that is because they have been updating the system – It happens every time they do that! Hope you’re ok my lovely!

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