2014: A Blogging Review

2014 is almost over, and it has been a roller coaster of a year. My blogging endeavours began in April 2013. I was experiencing a difficult time in my personal life and as I have always found writing therapeutic, starting a blog seemed to be the perfect solution.

Twenty months later, Suzie81 Speaks has grown above and beyond all expectectations and has become the most effective form of therapy that I have ever received. I have built up a community of over 9,000 followers and hit the 300,000 view mark earlier this month. This year in particular has been wonderful – I have been featured on Mumsnet several times (which I find amazing considering the fact that I don’t have children), I was lucky enough to be invited to a blog community meet up in Birmingham a few months ago and #SundayBlogShare, my weekly Twitter party that I started in October now has hundreds of participants every week. Above all, I have been able to communicate with a truly amazing group of people from all over the world, some of whom are now email and Facebook friends.

The process has been a huge learning curve, predominantly because I knew nothing about blogging when I started. Suzie81 Speaks does not have a theme or a niche – I like to have the freedom to write about whatever topic I am interested in at the time. Consequently, I have created a collection of varied and eclectic posts. I like to take the opportunity to review these regularly, deleting and editing where necessary, and recently I have created buttons for some of my favourites which you can see in the sidebar. I wanted to be able to share with you some of these with you – you are welcome to click on the images that take you directly to the post.














What about you? What have been your favourite posts from your blog over the last year? If you wish to share a link, you’re welcome to do so in the comment section below!


32 thoughts on “2014: A Blogging Review

  1. A great way to do a yearly round up! I’m surprised how many of these I some how managed to miss so I best subscribe :0) Your blog has always struck me as professional in it’s presentation with humorous and thought provoking content that always makes me look forward to reading it ^_^

  2. Congrats your blog success! You absolutely deserve it.

    I think it is awesome you are so supportive to other bloggers. What I like best about #SundayBlogShare is the variety of bloggers who participate. I can always find somebody new to follow each Sunday.

    Thanks for your amazing blog and blog love -n- support!

  3. Great idea Suzie to do a recap of the year. I might just do a look back at my first full year in blogging later. Congratulations on your success and thanks for making the blogging world a brighter place for the rest of us.

  4. Congrats Suzie for all of your success. You’ve earned it with a lot of hard work, creating an impressive body of quality content.
    And you just seem like a genuinely nice lady – Cheers πŸ™‚

  5. Congratulations and well done! I am glad to be one of your followers and that I have gotten to know you better this year. ❀

  6. I was thinking of doing some thing similar (shock) and when I look at my previous posts I realised one thing. Am I ever serious? Maybe I should start being a more serious blogger in 2015…

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