A Lovely Christmas Eve

It’s been a lazy Christmas Eve so far at the Suzie household. Mum and I woke and had a nice breakfast, followed by half a box of chocolates, I’ve had plenty of doggy snuggles and I’ve watched lots of pointless television whilst relaxing in my jammies and under a duvet on the couch.


During a moment of boredom I remembered that I had brought up a sequin covered Santa hat, and have been torturing the dog with it ever since. After initial indignation, Max eventually gave up and went to sleep. The resulting pictures were hilarious (for me, at least).

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to visit the blog over the next few days, but I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re happy and peaceful. May you have a lovely holiday season, filled with joy, laughter and cheer.


23 thoughts on “A Lovely Christmas Eve

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Suzie and the Bloke, too! I am sorry been crazy busy with grandkids and now 2 and a half hours away from them with my Mom. My brothers are worthless at Christmas shopping so out Mom and I go today! Hugs, Robin

  2. Merry Christmas. We arrived home tonight from Christmas in Sydney to find that the dogs had spent at least some of the day standing out in the rain. Bright sparks! They would hate to disappoint us and actually stay dry inside their kennels.

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