Warp Drive On the M6

For the last few years The Bloke and I have established a Christmas routine – we have our own little Christmas celebration a few days early, I get the train up to my Mum’s house on the 23rd, he drives to his Mum’s house (which is about 50 miles away from my Mum’s) early on the 24th, and then he drives across to pick me up on Boxing Day and we drive back down to Birmingham together. It’s a tiring day for him, but it’s quicker, cheaper and easier than battling with the trains and he always insists on doing it to ensure that I get home safe. It normally takes him about an hour to get to me and then a further two hours to drive home, but time always seems to pass really quickly as we spend the majority of the journey blathering at each other about the events of Christmas.


Yesterday, however, turned out to be a little more of an adventure than usual. The Bloke is an experienced and excellent driver and I always feel safe with him when I’m a passenger in his car, but despite his driving prowess he also possesses no sense of navigation or direction whatsoever. What should have taken him about an hour to meet me turned into a three-hour epic that involved a number of phone calls and texts after he missed the one crucial junction he needed. I felt really sorry for him during his regular updates, but although I felt mean in doing so I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself – it isn’t the first time he’s phoned me from the middle of nowhere after becoming totally lost. I eventually jumped in a taxi and met him in the nearest town to me, where I found him in a rather stressed-out state and sporting a chest infection. After he had calmed down we made onto the M6, where the sky quickly went dark and we were met with a blizzard – the first snow of Christmas. I always feel a bit strange when travelling in snow storms, the oncoming snow often makes me think I’m going into warp drive aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Thankfully, we made it back safely, there was a parking space right outside our house, the heating was on and the cats were pleased to see us. I had been spoiled yet again with gifts from his family and we snuggled up on the couch and watched some TV. Unfortunately his chest infection has got worse so I’ve ordered him to stay in bed and let me look after him today – he’s one of those really annoying patients who wants to get up and carry on as normal. He needs the rest, bless him, and it will give him a chance to wind down from the last few weeks…

What about you guys? Are you beginning to wind down or are you gearing up for New Year?

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20 thoughts on “Warp Drive On the M6

  1. I’m beginning to wind down…I’m working New Years Eve (sigh) so need the time now to just relax! Glad you both got home safe and hope The Bloke feels better soon!

  2. Dealing with a sick man is never pleasant. I have never heard so much whining before in my entire life. Newborn babies make less noise!

    Most men have no sense of direction, that’s why they need women, or a really good GPS. 😉

  3. I truly feel for The Bloke. My husband has inbuilt GPS and is also an excellent driver. Him being the driver, however, leaves me as navigator when I have trouble finding my way out of the shower. There was one memorable incident which took us beyond divorce and into that other nameless realm altogether. We were booked in to stay at a hotel in Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory. However, it turned out that the hotel was actually located in the state of New South Wales and it’s Canberra location was nothing more than marketing hype. So we are going up and down the highway looking for this place arguing, profusely apologising,resigning, pleading for clemency all because the hotel lied to us. Not happy Jan!
    Hope his chest infection is getting better and that he has decided to stop and bow to fate.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Suzie,
    The Wife and I are gearing up for the New Year! Lot’s of things in the works. We wound down a bit, but now it’s time to start that year end planning, tax review, budget review, etc. Looking ahead to all that the New Year brings. Hope you and The Bloke have an #AWEsome New Year.

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