A ‘Down Days’ Playlist To Beat the January Blues

I’m guest posting on Steve’s ‘Now This is What I Would Call Music’ blog… Here’s my playlist guaranteed to beat the January Blues! Go and check it out, follow, and give us some #bloglove!

Talk About Pop Music

Yesterday I created a post in which I shared a list of ideas for beating the January blues. Number 7 on that list focused on music playlists that were designed to motivate and inspire in moments of what I call ‘The Down Days’ and in the comments I received in response there were a number of people that liked the concept. When my good bloggy friend Steve asked me to guest post about it in more detail I jumped at the chance as we share the same passion for music.

Music has always been a core part of my life. I’m a classically trained violinist, having gained an honours degree from a good music conservatoire here in the UK and have been employed as a music teacher in a secondary school for nearly ten years. Music was constantly played in my childhood home – my father was self taught…

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6 thoughts on “A ‘Down Days’ Playlist To Beat the January Blues

  1. Loved this post….I was involved in music heavily for over 12 years back in California and I love a good song. Thought your list was quite charming and revealed a wide variety of musical tastes. As I type this,looking out over a grey,rainy day,I think mayhaps I might have to crank some music up as well.

  2. Love seeing other peoples choices of music, how they are influenced by they’re parents(Jim Reeves for me) and how the memories are ingrained years down the line,great blog!

      • Just 3! that’s tough? Would have to be Si Cranstoun “Caught in the Moonlight”, A R Rahman & Pussycat Dolls “Jai Ho” and never tire of hearing “Gentle on my Mind” Glen Campbell or The Band Perry version fav at moment.#noteasy

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