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I love photography, taking pictures of every aspect of my daily life and I have thousands of them stored on my computer. The Bloke bought me a beautiful Canon camera a few years ago and since then I have started to learn how to edit and develop my favourite images. However, some of the best pictures that I have taken recently has been with my iPhone – it’s easy to quickly take a snapshot of a particularly special moment and I savour the memories that are stored forever in that single image.

This one was my favourite from last year. It was the final day of the school term, I had visited the Christmas market with some of my colleagues, indulged in hot Bailey’s with marshmallows and had just met The Bloke. We were meeting a friend for a meal in a pizza restaurant in Brindley Place, Birmingham and as we were walking over the bridge I stopped to take this picture on the bridge overlooking the canal. It was a cold but clear evening, everything was lit up with beautiful lights and decorations and there were hundreds of people walking around, armed with lots of bags and huge smiles on their faces.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening – we had lovely food, great conversation with a valued friend and The Bloke and I returned home to a warm house, sleepy cats and an evening of cuddles on the sofa under a blanket.

It’s the little things that make life worthwhile…

What about you guys? What are your favourite recent photographs?

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27 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. I haven’t taken a lot that I like recently, but part of that is being stuck inside until dark most days now. I am really loving how some of these challenges are being interpreted by other bloggers (serenity, which way, etc.). 🙂

    • Thanks – I’ve not participated in a challenge for ages – I’ve been lacking in ideas and time to keep up with my usual schedule, but this me really appealed to me…

  2. Loved your post, and I agree. It’s the “Little Things” in life that capture the best photographs. Unexpected moments caught on film when least expected. I love to take pictures of people from behind….don’t know why, but they are some of my favorite.

    • Thanks! I love pictures of people who are totally unaware that they are being photographed – my friends hate it when they find out that I am photographing them but they always love the pictures!

  3. I love that picture – its so atmospheric! I’m pretty obsessed with Instagram – I love the retro feel you can give to a photo and so as a result, I take all my pictures now on my phone and rarely use my compact camera. My favourite pictures are usually taken on holiday and especially of me surfing – I pull stills off my action camera which I have mounted to my surfboard and they capture that moment and take me right back to that particular wave :). My instagram feed is very surf oriented but still capture a lot of moments when I’m ‘landlocked.’

  4. That’s an amazing photo. Do you think all your work with the Canon has helped you acquire an “eye” for quality shots? I would never have been able to capture a scene like that!

  5. Some of my favorites, today that is, are of my sister’s cat Iris sleeping. Mostly because she has made it her personal goal today to knock everything over. EVERYTHING!

    And then she rolls over on her back and begs for belly rubs. She has no shame.

  6. I’m with you. I love reliving memories that I was able to capture because of my cell phone. When times are not so good I like to remember those special moments in time that lift my mood. In the past before cell phone cameras that wasn’t so easy.

      • Hi Phil! This week has been really busy and Ive not had time to catch up. The Bloke has gone to bed so I am attempting to catch up on some of my comments – I’m determined to reply to all of the, but Im having trouble keeping up at the minute!

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