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imageI don’t deal with high pressured and stressful situations. My whole body tenses up, my stomach starts to churn and as it gets worse, I panic. I stop sleeping, I start getting irritable and have an overwhelming urge to eat anything with a high carb content and covered in grease and smoke a packet of cigarettes. Stress is not my friend.

This week has been anxiety central. Important multiple deadlines at work has meant that since Monday my routine has included 15 hours of teaching and paperwork, four or five hours of sleep and, towards the end of the week, about half an hour of tears each day, including on the day that was supposed to be my day off. At one point, I was so worked up that my skin felt like it was buzzing all over my body. There was no fun, no relaxation and no chance to sit back and just breathe.

Thankfully, everything was completed by the end of today. I left work as early as I possibly could, avoiding taking my laptop with me, treated The Bloke and I to a celebratory McDonalds and even though it isn’t yet 6.00pm I have changed into my jammies and have snuggled under a duvet with him and the cats. He’s been absolutely wonderful – he always is, but I couldn’t have got through this week without him.

I’ve missed the blog so much this week. I’ve missed you guys and I’ve missed reading all your stories, poems and admiring your photographs. The interaction that I gain from this community and the process of writing things down helps me to maintain my sanity…

So, for the next few hours, I’m all yours. Tell me about your week, share with me your favourite posts, give me tips for dealing with stress, anything.

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  1. oh darling, I feel your pain. I’ve been poorly most of this week and anxiety levels have been high- so no sleep either. Exhausting isn’t it? Lexie X

  2. I can completely relate to those stressful feelings. The insomnia, headaches, panic attacks, nausea, and for me, loss of appetite. Work has mostly been the culprit, along with a pretty traumatic breakup.

    But as they say, “This too shall pass.” It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who has anxiety like this.

  3. I am there with you on the work anxiety. Twice this week I had mini-breakdowns of how I was going to be able to function, if at all, with some of this stuff.

    The kidlet leaves again tomorrow. These two weeks flew by!

    I hope you get some peace and calm soon ((hugs))

      • McDonolds is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! I am good thank you. I have enjoyed my little ‘Blogathon’. It has been nice to reminisce over some of my old writing! I’ve never reblogged before, but I think I might do it more often!

        Anyway, enjoy your evening cuddling up with your cats 🙂

      • I like to do that sometimes – I reblog an old post that new followers may have missed, it’s a good way for me to remind myself of previous thoughts and experiences…

        Hope you have a nice evening too!

      • I think I underestimated the ‘reblog’ button! It’s like a nice trip down memory lane, and like you say, let’s people catch up with blogs they have missed out on!

        I hope you have a great and relaxing weekend!

      • Oh, give it a go, I’d recommend it. I’m doing ok, just waiting to hear back from agents re: my book at the moment – long, uncertain wait….. Hope you’re doing fine. All best. 🙂

  4. Well, a dog randomly walked into our house today and it took several hours and a bit of running around but we found the owner. My neighborhood is full of dog escape artists, I’m just glad that they’re all friendly dogs! That was my day.

  5. My anxiety has dropped last few weeks, sociopath leaving my life. It got so bad, I was having full blown panic attacks pretty much every day. Oddly enough now he is gone. I feel calm…. well kind of 🙂 Sorry to hear you are having a rubbish week, have a good weekend!!

    • Thanks my lovely… I can totally understand your situation and I’m really sorry to hear that… I need to catch up on your posts! Hope you’re doing ok – I’m glad you feel calmer!

      • Yes, absolutely. Its kind of funny looking back, well actually its probably not funny at all..,.. i ended up on anti anxiety tablets to control the panic attacks. He liked to push me so far over the edge, and then come in as rescuer and try to persuade me to take medication. Ha it’s so sick. I think what has been shocking for me, is going back and reading my blog. I had been away for such a long time. You know, posts I had written almost 2 years ago, he did IDENTICAL behaviour, I could have just written it, that I have found pretty shocking.

      • Well I can’t complain as I did know what I was going into. Kind of. He did behave better than before, but it was a good learning experience. But – aragh you know I just wanted to believe that he could change, and i thought ‘what if’….. Love is a funny thing, I wish I could be more like the sociopath, and just switch off my heart, but I can’t.

  6. I wondered where you were Suzie. Glad your week of horrors is over. Get some rest, have some fun, and keep smiling! ❤

  7. Breathing tips for anxiety/panic attacks:
    1. Breathe in for 4 seconds.
    2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
    3. Exhale breath for 8 seconds
    4. Repeat once or twice more as needed.

    This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

    Or just take 5 slow deep breaths. There are studies showing that just taking slow, measured breaths changes the chemical reactions in your brain and helps you calm down.

    I also deal with anxiety and panic attacks. No fun at all. I’m sorry to hear that your week was so stressful.

      • Stress, and, ya know, life haha. I’ve noticed that when I’m trying to take care of too many things at once I will start to feel overwhelmed and then I will start to feel the beginnings of anxiety. I’m still not wonderful at managing it, but if I can get myself to slow down enough to focus on ONE thing at a time, I can stop the anxiety from taking over and turning into a panic attack sometimes.

      • That’s really brilliant advice. I find it very difficult to maintain a sense of moderation – I’m either very calm or I’m inwardly flying into a temper in minutes…

  8. You describe those anxiety symptoms perfectly – I’m sorry youv’e had such a tough week Suzie.

    Duvet and (in my case dog) sounds just what the doctor ordered – might join you (so to speak) 🙂 x

  9. So sorry to hear. Stress is not my “friend,” either. Some days I must just take time for ‘me, ‘ to stay in my pajamas, watch mindless television, eat a chocolate bar and say “NO” to the ringing phone! Learn to be good to yourself for whatever you don’t accomplish today will be waiting for you tomorrow or the next. Blessings. 🙂

  10. Yaaa! Suzie’s back! We all cheer in unison. We all have weeks like that. That’s what blogging is for. I hope you can relax and get some sleep. I hope next week is better. Have a nice rest of your night.

  11. Stress is a real shocker. Unfortunately, there isn’t one size fits all with regards what makes us stressed and also what happens to us when we are stressed. The psychology that underpins stress is a fascinating topic however, even though I’ve studied it, on occasions, it doesn’t stop me suffering. Our bodies usually give us physical symptoms that we are getting stressed and if we can we should listen to our body and do things that we know reduce our stress levels. Unfortunately, that sometimes, is easier said than do. Take care and if you can chillax.

  12. Sorry to hear that you have had an anxious time. When I wake up at 3 in the morning with every problem in my world nagging at my brain, I take a deep abdominal breath and start counting 10, 10,10 as I exhale. Another breath…count 9,9,9 and exhale………all the way down to 0. By the time I get to the count of 5 (three times), I’ve started to calm down. A variation on the theme is deep abdominal breaths and exhale with an OM, resonating throughout my body for a count of ten breaths. By that time, I’m almost ready to go back to sleep or able to be serene. Chocolate also helps.

  13. So sorry to hear that. As a teacher myself, I know how stressful it is especially with deadlines, etc. I also have anxiety and depression which I have got better at handling but still overwhelms me occasionally. My best advice would be: leave the UK and teach abroad instead!

    • Thanks so much for your comment – please forgive my late reply, I am just getting round to catching up on all my comments now! I have thought about teaching abroad, and some of my teacher friends have done just that, but I have a home, a relationship and two cats so it wouldn’t be quite as easy as I would like.

      • No need to apologise! I know what it’s like. Please forgive my late reply too! If it’s something you’d really like to do, there’s always a way! Many people come to work abroad as a couple, you could bring your cats with you and rent out your house (which is what I’ve done)… If you want to of course!

  14. The anxiety levels must be global! I too have suffered from these dang anxiety/panic/I’m going insane attacks so frequently all week I am beginning to wonder what it might be like not to feel this way. Feeling like I want to pull my own skin off because of the tingling sensation or feeling like I could get in my car and disappear. It’s pure hell! Cuddle the bloke and the cats! I’m cuddling my dog and cat now! Hugs to you!!

    • Thanks Arthur – please forgive my late reply to your comment, I’m just getting round to catching up on my comments now. You’re right, I I’d manage to overcome it! Thanks!

  15. Anxiety totally sucks. I ask my Dad could I not just have inherited money from him instead of anxiety and heartburn. Here’s the the duvet night with the bloke, chill out and relax, you deserve it!

    • Thanks my lovely! Please forgive the late reply, I am just getting round to replying to all of my comments now… I’m sorry that you experience similar things. I agree – why couldn’t we have inherited large amounts of money from our parents instead! I know that money doesn’t solve all of life’s problems, but it would help right about now!

  16. Ugh Anxiety sucks!! I started a new job this week and while I was totally happy to get back to work, I hated all of the extra angst that came with it!

  17. I would love to offer some tips for dealing with anxiety but I am too busy feeling anxious – and wondering how to deal with too full a plate.

    Now where did you leave that packet of cigarettes and greasy fries? 😱😎

    • I’m really sorry Kate – I have plenty of cigarettes here if you need them haha! I hope things get a bit better for you soon! Please forgive my late reply, I am just getting round to catching up on my comments now…

  18. I understand. I have a problem with stress as well and it’s like it is for you, it goes into my gut and I feel it physically. I make myself eat well and drink a cuppa when I am able to will the stress down even if it is only for that few minutes, the break helps. Sort of like a catnap does. The only thing that totally takes the stress away is prayer.

    Is this week going to be better for you I hope? It sounds like you need a break.

    • Thanks my lovely! I don’t have a faith and therefore don’t use prayer, but my mum meditates and finds that very useful… Please forgive my late reply, I’m just catching up on my comments now…

  19. Everyone experiences anxiety, panic, stress. In different ways. It gets worst when these things carry emotional pain too. I’ve been there, Suzie. It’s not pretty nor easy. From my experience, the best thing to do is nothing at all. You then breathe in and out and pay attention to your breathing, nothing else matters for a few minutes. It’s all in our minds, there are no real problems. Only if it’s a life or death situation.

    You have a lovely Bloke, lovely cats, lovely home, lovely blog, you appear to be a lovely person, you appear to give love and kindness to those around you. So what is the problem? None.

    Oh by the way, you don’t have to be in control about anything. You just have to be at peace with your higher self. The more you perceive you’re in control, the less awareness you have… therefore, you can’t detach from your ego as it feeds on anxiety, mind noise, stress, controlling.

    Another suggestion: practice positive affirmations and believe in them. Your energy flows where your attention goes. If you focus on “problems” you will only attract more of the same. But you can deliberate focus on what you want and see what happens…

    • I really appreciate the advice, thanks. However, I do believe that everyone is entitled to feel the way they feel and every problem is relative. I do agree that some things are a state of mind and I do like to be in control of a situation, and I’m working hard to change that…

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