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While I love love, I am a bit of a grinch when it comes to the idea having a soulmate and the nonsense that is Valentine’s Day. However, as love seems to be the main theme across the blogosphere, I’ve decided that I am going to use it as the perfect opportunity to share the blog love over the next week, starting from today.

Since starting Suzie81 Speaks nearly two years ago, I have been lucky enough to be able to ‘meet’ and form friendships with truly wonderful people in the WordPress community, who have made me laugh and who gone out of their way to provide advice and support when things have been tough, without asking for anything in return. Every blog and blogger is unique, each with a different story to tell, but they’ve all got so much in common in the love and genuine compassion that they show for each other, and I value and respect them all very much.

I have had to neglect my little space of the internet for the last few weeks due to ridiculous work commitments, but I am holiday for the next week. Therefore, I am officially declaring it my week of blog love, during which I will be I will be catching up with and introducing you to some of my favourite bloggers. I will be hosting #SundayBlogShare this Sunday as usual, and next Friday night I am inviting you all to my blog love party.

So my lovelies, I’m looking forward to jumping back into the WordPress world and sharing the love! Hope to see you all there!

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36 thoughts on “Blog Love Is In The Air

  1. Nice to know that happily coupled people also feel this way. I didn’t like the holiday, er, “holiday, when I was seeing someone or married. Like Christmas, it gets too over the top to out-buy and out-spend it seems.

  2. Not sure if you’re a Parks & Rec fan Suzie – but there’s a slideshow making the rounds (search “April and Andy will help you not hate Valentine’s Day”) that might help with February 14th grinchiness!

  3. Also, I so wish Valentine’s Day could be rescued from the romantic love nonsense and be a day to recognize the many kinds of love and support we receive in our lives. The men in the grocery store on Valentine’s Day afternoon snatching up a bundle of overpriced roses on their way home from work would be comical if it weren’t so sadly and stereotypically expenseive. I doubt the change will happen, but a guy can wish.

    • I agree – there was an article yesterday in the news about men all buying bunches of flowers from the supermarket on the way home… It’s a shame there isn’t more of a focus on sharing the love every day

  4. To me it just seems like such a forced thing, like if you are in a relationship you must go out to eat or get a gift, and if you are single, you have to find a date or you have to go out. It doesn’t help that it is right around the busiest time of year too, so it interupts so many plans.

  5. We are kindred spirits on the Valentine’s thing, and I look forward to checking out your blog choices. I think it is awesome the way you constantly support others in the community! 🙂

  6. While we have missed you this week, you owe no blog love to anyone. You have given as much or more than you’ve received. That’s the blogosphere for you. It’s tough to find a bad apple in the bunch.

  7. At my house we call V. Day a ‘Hallmark Holiday’. Which means it’s promoted by companies like Hallmark to sell cards. Not to pick on poor ole Hallmark, tho. There are plenty of others who make hay while the hearts shine: restaurants, flower shops, jewelry stores, and yes, chocolatiers! But I say, enjoy it if you choose to do so, or not (!)

    • I love the term ‘Hallmark Day’ because that’s exactly what it is… but I’m lucky in that I get cards all year round. I love your approach to it – I hadn’t considered the artisan approach to it – all the individual businesses that can make a bit of extra cash is good.

  8. So glad to hear you have some time to relax and give your blog some love! I know I always feel sad if I become too busy and overwhelmed to focus on my blog. Happy to have you back. 🙂

  9. Suzie, I get the blog love just by visiting your blog and reading your posts and getting to know you and your blogging community. I’m all for spreading the blog love on here and know that the bloke will look after you what ever life throws your way.

    Enjoy your week off, but most of all take care of yourself, and smile away.
    Here’s one to get you started :)…and another :)…oh go on then, one more 🙂

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