Blog of The Day: Meet Nancy Roman!


Meet Nancy Roman! 

Nancy is a published author, blogger and all-round glamorous lady. Her blog, ‘Not Quite Old’ is a new-found favourite of mine and I have enjoyed getting to know Nancy through her witty and beautifully written observations on her life and those around her. She’s hilarious, and her posts have had me in stitches!

Her ‘About’ page is short and succinct:

I’m Nancy Roman.

I’m sixty-four, and I’m looking (sometimes desperately) for that sweet balance between growing old gracefully and staying as young as possible.

An English Major with an M.B.A., I’m a financial executive who likes my day job. I live in Connecticut with my husband and several well-nourished cats.

My novel, JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED, is available on Amazon.



Clearly, just looking at her picture alone, Nancy has obviously discovered the secret to eternal youth as I think she looks fantastic! She started blogging at 60, she has recently celebrated her birthday and every year shares the same selfie, both for affirmation and defiance against Mother Nature. I like that – she’s a self-assured and confident woman with a great sense of humour and I think you’ll absolutely love her blog!

Want to find out more? You can find her blog by clicking on this link:

Tweet with Nancy @NancyERoman

Find her on Facebook here: 

Nancy has recently published her first Novel, ‘Just What I Always Wanted,’ which you can find on Amazon here:  

Don’t forget that this is my week of #bloglove and I’d love you to share the love and for you all to check out her blog – I’ll be reblogging one of her posts later in the day too and I’m sure you’ll find it as great as I do!


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17 thoughts on “Blog of The Day: Meet Nancy Roman!

  1. more than too funny! thanks for sharing and the connection… as someone who will turn 59 this year I must say she echoes my sentiments exactly

  2. Thanks for your kind words and the links. I really do post a NEW selfie every year… but you’ve given me an idea. I will really not age if I take a whole bunch now, and just post one on each birthday and just SAY it is new!!!

  3. I agree, Nancy looks truly amazing for a woman who has just celebrated her 64th birthday. I hope she’ll share her secret of internal youth to the rest of us one day but, until then, I’ll have to stick with plastering my face with homemade potions. Thanks for sharing, Suzie.

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