“I Coulda Been Somebody”

For those of you that haven’t had chance to check out my Blogger of The Day, Nancy Roman, here’s a post that I think you’ll love!


In conversation with an acquaintance recently, I remarked that I was getting ready for retirement.

“You’ve been getting ready for retirement for three years,” he said. “You’ll never retire.”

“Oh yeah?” I answered with my usual snappy repartee. “I will so retire. One more year, tops.”

But he was sure I wouldn’t. “You can’t retire. Instead of thinking about doing nothing, you should be thinking instead about what you want to do NEXT.”

Well, I know what I want to do next. I’m already doing it  (part-time anyway):  WRITE.

But I think this guy may have meant something that pays money.

And I don’t really have much hope for that by writing. I actually wrote somethingthat made the New York Times bestseller list for a week or two – and still didn’t get paid one cent.

But a second career after retirement?

There are lots of careers I considered…

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