Meet Clare! She’s a very talented artist living in the South East of Ireland, and is inspired by the beautiful coast that she lives by. Her blog, and her paintings are beautiful – check her out!

The Mermaid's Purse


I had a rubbish day last week and as the sun set I drove down to the sea to sit for a while. I watched the sky streaked with rhubarb and custard darken over a lavender sea as the rocks and islands blackened to silhouettes while the far headlands faded into the west . I won’t pretend that everything was suddenly wonderful again but it did give me a little space, a little bit of distance from my daily travails. It got me out of my head.

I had thought it ozone was responsible for this seaside high but according to Wikipedia I may be a bit behind on my thinking as “In the Victorian era, one British folk myth held that the smell of the sea was caused by ozone. In fact, the characteristic “smell of the sea” is caused by dimethyl sulfidea chemical generated…

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