Blog of The Day: Meet Steve!


Meet Steve! He’s a blogger extraordinaire, proud Scotsman and creator of two fun and interesting blogs: Steve Says and Now This is What I Would Call Music. He covers lots of different topics, including giving us an insight into his own life, but Steve’s biggest passion in life is music. His posts have included every UK Number 1 since records began, Eurovision favourites, television and movies and Top 10’s, and I don’t know how he finds the time to create such great content! He has now even branched out further into the world of vlogging, and has started posting regular videos that gives us insights into his playlists for the week.

Steve and I met through the Daily Post’s Community Pool over a year ago. I was instantly hooked on his blog because we share the same passion about music (and in particular, Eurovision), and over time we have become good bloggy friends, working together on several projects that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve also been honoured to guest post on his blog before.

Steve’s ‘About’ page gives you a very small insight into his life:

Whether you got here by a quick click or via a long scan – welcome to my personal blog. I just want to share my ideas, findings and general reflections with anyone that has time to listen – music, photos, rants – there’s no real theme here…

I currently work in the IT industry as:

IT Productivity Coach (they say)
Service Delivery (they say)
Desktop Support (they say)
IT Ninja (I say)
I love Music and iTunes so it’s quite handy that I also have my own music blog. I also like Cats, Bang & Olufsen, Doctor Who

I live with my partner Greg which is fun sometimes. He doesn’t love music, iTunes or Bang & Olufsen but he does like cats which is quite lucky as we have two. We live in a village called Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland which is home of Emeli Sande & birthplace of the Aberdeen Angus cow.

I enjoy Steve’s musings because they never follow a pattern – I like the eclectic mix of thoughts and ideas that he produces each day, I love the wit and honesty with which he delivers them and I have laughed so much in the random conversations I have with him. He’s a fountain of musical knowledge, and I have learnt so much from his posts…

Follow him! Share his posts! Send him a message on Twitter!

Steve is also my glamorous co-host for this week’s #SundayBlogShare, during which he will be reading and retweeting, so it is a brilliant opportunity for you to follow him on his Twitter handle, @stevesays2014, and tweet him your posts!

Here are Steve’s social media accounts…

Twitter: @stevesays2014


Enjoy – I’m sure you’ll enjoy his posts as much as I do!



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