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imageI’m exhausted. It’s been one of those days where I have found myself surrounded by people, all wanting information and documents that are equally important. We have an all-day rehearsal on Wednesday, our big concert on Thursday, there are two large coursework folders due and two different workshops taking place on Friday. On top of rehearsing two different ensembles, getting together the running order for the concert, selling tickets and dealing with several different pastoral issues, I’ve taught a full day where I had to finish off all of my assessments for each class and I finished the day by writing a full set of reports. I didn’t eat lunch and I didn’t go to the toilet. At one point, I just wanted to scream at everyone to leave me alone and run away, but somehow I managed to keep a smile on my face, remain calm, and thankfully didn’t do anything that would have got me fired, so I see today as being a success. I currently resemble a duck on the water – calm on the surface while underneath the legs are furiously paddling away.

After the day had finished, I decided that there was just one thing for it: the pub. I don’t drink much, but tonight my friend sat and had a drink with me while I just took an hour to myself to just try and calm down. When I finally got chance to go to the loo, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I look a mess – my skin is pale and pasty, I look really tired and I’ve got enormous bags under my eyes. Surely it isn’t right that one person should be responsible for so much?

However, after a drink, a cigarette and a laugh, I walked home. My house was warm and cosy, and I was greeted by The Bloke and two very excitable cats, who were very pleased to see me. There was a lovely smell from The Bloke’s dinner permeating from the kitchen, and clean clothes drying on the airer. I shut the door, and with it, the day.

For the next few hours, my time is my own. I have left my laptop at work, with no intention of doing anything but watching my favourite TV shows and having a long soak in the bath this evening. For the rest of this week, I have decided that I am going to take it day by day, rather than thinking about the big picture, with the ultimate goal of making it to Friday with as few tears as possible.

50 working days to go…

What about you? How do you deal with stressful situations?

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37 thoughts on “Day By Day

  1. I drink. … Seriously, i rarely stress over anything. My dad always told me that things fall into two categories, things you can do something about and things you can’t. The things you can do something about, you do it and move on. The things you can’t do anything about, you pray about and give it to God and move on. A lot less stress that way 🙂

    • Thanks Shawn – I know so many who deal with things in the same way. I can’t relax and take things in my stride when I feel out of control of a situation, even if there isn’t anything I can do about it, I suppose it’s the control-freak part of my character! I need to adopt your approach!

  2. With a schedule like this, it’s wonder you didn’t give notice years ago.
    Seems the Powers That Be are doing their very best to decimate an already broken system, maybe to prove to all just how much it needs to be fixed.
    Hang on, Suzie, 50 more days. You can do it. ❤

  3. I am finding stress harder and harder to deal with as I am getting older! This weekend got a bit stressful, and it left me in a bit of a dark place today. I just need to pick myself up and dust myself down and get over it. I try to talk myself out of feeling like this. It works for a while, but you can’t do that forever, so now and again I need something, like a week at half term, to completely switch off from everything and just do things that make me happy and unwind.

  4. I hope you can de-stress and you will get a chance to refresh, too. Suzie, I am one who stresses way too much, so this was a great post for me to read, the message at the beginning is one I need to listen to!

  5. Stay focused on the fact that the end is in sight, and you’ll soon be making a big life change (for the better!), keep counting down, keep laughing with friends, and hang in there! *Hug*

  6. Oh, LOVEY. Sounds like we have had about the same kind of week…it’s only….*gulp* Monday. Wait. I’m not helping. What I meant to say was…it can only go up from here. You will feel very accomplished at the end of it all.

    • Thanks my lovely – I read your post last week and it seems like you’ve had a really crappy time too! With your job we deal with the same sort of people, just yours are a bit bigger!

  7. There is a way to de-stress? I certainly haven’t found it yet. It just grows and grows like a weed garden! I have taken up the occasional cigarette now and again which causes more stress because I know they are not my friend. Walking helps but I would have to just keep on walking away from everyone, everything and my job! Congrats on your decision to quit your job! I’m hoping I don’t cause injury to someone before I can retire in a few years! Good luck!!

    • Thanks Deb, I think that’s a perfect analogy of how I feel! I am determined that this week I am going to take a few walks – I live right next to a beautiful park and woods so I’m going to get myself out there!

  8. Not that it is at all healthy but I internalize, freak out, and obsess. Which causes lovely side effects where I can’t sleep, don’t want to function, and screws with all of my relationships. Last week a supervisor yelled at and intimidated me. I have felt uncomfortable at work ever since and all I did for a week was keep it inside and let it fester. This morning I talked to my supervisor about it. Which is something I guess but now I’m stressed about that and dreading whatever retribution comes from my actions.

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