A Blogging Hangover


Yesterday I hosted a blog party to celebrate my two year anniversary. I had been looking forward to it all week, and had put some time into promoting it across the blog and my social media accounts. With the response that I had received from eager bloggers wanting to participate, I expected it to be quite busy.

However, I didn’t expect it to be THAT busy. Over the space of about fifteen hours there were hundreds of links shared from bloggers all over the world, I had received over 600 comments, 2000 views and lots of people embraced it wholeheartedly, following, commenting and sharing each others posts. It was fabulous, and I’d like to say a massive thank you to everybody who took part!

I fell asleep with square eyes and a mild headache after staring at my phone and iPad screen for so long. I had to charge both of them up overnight as the batteries had been exhausted. When I awoke, I excitedly checked the page, to discover that the party had been continuing in my absence, and I had a whole new set of comments and links to go through. I have a blogging hangover.

It’s been said that the best cure for a hangover is to have another drink – ‘hair of the dog’ so to speak – so today I’m going to do just that! My Twitter party, #SundayBlogShare is in full swing already and I’m looking forward to jumping back in there and reading lots of posts, as well as working my way through the wonderful links that were shared on here yesterday.

Want to carry on sharing with me?

I am going to leave the blog party open, so that anyone can join in anytime they like. If you wish to share a post on the blog party, click on the image below:


Want to share your posts with the hundreds of people participating in #SundayBlogShare? Click on the image below for the rules and then get your tweet on!



Don’t forget that there are also six very interesting and exciting blogs in my sidebar – give them a click and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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77 thoughts on “A Blogging Hangover

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    • Thanks! I can’t take any credit for it I’m afraid – blog parties go on every day in the blogging world, but thanks for the sentiment! I had a blast – thanks for participating!

    • Thanks very much my lovely – it’s still open if you want to join in, there are lots of people still leaving links. Then, they can love your blog as much as I do!

    • Thanks Brandy! It’s still open if you want to participate – there are still links being shared now! I’m planning on another one in the summer, so you could join in that one too if you like?

  2. Your blog party was the first one I ever signed on to. I thought is would be pretty much a shot in the dark, as I blog from the event horizon of the black hole of oblivion, but I hit near a record no. of visits yesterday. Unbelievable! I may put this down in my “Cat Report”!

  3. I’m having a Blog party hangover too. And still square eyes and a headache. But the party was so great, I couldn’t stop reading all the posts.Thank you for your perseverance! And I hope that you will host another blog party soon 🙂 But first, take a rest 🙂

      • You’re welcome! I had so much fun, it was a great party! Next time when you host a party or something similar, send me a message, I can tune in and assist. 🙂 Have a nice week, and thanks for the hosting!

  4. Yay! I’m glad you left it open because I was planning on participating, but forgot. Saturday was my man’s VERY LONG day at work and I went into survival mode. Anyway- I’m glad I can still link up.

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