Gambling Is Cool…For Cats…

This made my day – well done Steve!

Steve McSteveface

I was lucky enough to win some money on The Grand National since my horse finished in 4th placebut watching some of the horses fall and knowing that in the past some have died during the race got me thinking…

How are these horses looked after when they are too old to compete or have injuries that stop them performing. I considered donating my winnings to some “horse charity” but then realised that these horses have all probably won so much money in their lifetime and also anyone who owns horses is probably rich enough to look after them comfortably anyway. As well as that, I’m really not a “horsey” person so the thought of donating to a random horse sanctuary for elderly equines soon passed.

However the thought of donating to a charity didn’t pass. I love cats and I’ve always had them in my life. I currently…

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5 thoughts on “Gambling Is Cool…For Cats…

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  2. I don’t think of my fortnightly lottery ticket as gambling, I think of it more as a donation to a spendthrift government, who believe that budget is a word only used by people who have no imagination.

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