An Unexpected Good Day

After a truly fabulous two weeks, I went back to work yesterday. Over the last fortnight, I’ve been relaxed, happy, and I feel like I have rediscovered a little bit of my old self that has been lost for a very long time. I’ve slept well, ate well and laughed a lot. I decided that I am going to approach what will be my final term in teaching with a positive frame of mind, with a focus on working hard but not taking negative things to heart. I went to bed on Sunday night after spending some time on #SundayBlogShare (which has been trending across the UK, the USA and Canada for much of the day) feeling reasonably relaxed, although a little sad about my friend’s news, and after texting her I fell asleep.

However, my brain had other ideas, and I found myself wide awake from 2.00am. Normally, I get bad bouts of insomnia during periods of extreme stress, but I didn’t feel stressed or uneasy. I tried everything – listening to music, watching cartoons, deep breathing… Nothing worked.

I gave up at 5.30am, and got up to feed and inject the cats (one of them is diabetic and requires twice daily insulin shots), and made sandwiches for The Bloke and I for lunch. I felt like a zombie by the time I had arrived at work (7.00am), and reluctantly turned on my laptop to get organised for the day.

After such a bad start, it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable teaching days I have had in months. While I was tired and feeling lethargic, I found that the lessons I had planned went really well. My timetable has changed as my boss has returned from maternity leave so I had an easier workload, all the staff were pleased to see each other and were chatting away and it felt like a little weight had been lifted from my shoulders now all the main concerts are done.

I’ve got less than 50 teaching days left until the summer… Let’s hope that these will be as good as yesterday!

And last night, I slept like a baby…

What about you guys? What do you do when you can’t sleep? Check out this wonderful post from Not a Punk Rocker, one of my favourite bloggers about her experiences!

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39 thoughts on “An Unexpected Good Day

  1. I write or read on my blog when I can’t sleep and sometimes call someone up in a different time zone. That can work out really well. I also talk to my dogs who don’t complain about me waking them up.
    By the way, Suzie, don’t know whether you picked up on this from Sunday Blog Share but today is the 70th Anniversary of Anne Frank’s Death and a global online vigil is being held. The details are on my blog here:
    xx Rowena

    • Thanks very much for highlighting this – what a beautiful concept. Her diary was something that inspired me to start writing properly, even at a young age. What an inspirational young woman she was!

  2. I go onto Pinterest and look at all the pretty pictures and find something motivating to do in the classroom. I am a teacher as well. I get insomnia a lot! Cheryl

  3. Trust me as a retired teacher, you will not miss your old job. It has become too stressful now, and that is why thousands of young teachers just give up and walk out.

    • Gosh… It’s kind of similar with so many other important professions. Teachers, nurses, doctors, all are walking out because they refuse to work in a system that has been so infected by the wrong principles. How do you think this might change?

      • There are some nurses and doctors that are opening smaller practices though, kind of a parallel healthcare system building out of the pain and confusion of the existing one…

  4. Glad you had a stressless (that’s a fun word to say out loud) day back. I go to bed when I’m tired and then I read until the book isn’t making sense anymore and so I’m really tired before I even attempt to sleep. If it’s one of those ‘I’ve been lying here awake for ever’ kinda nights then I go on Pinterest and simply pin things as it’s a no brainer and won’t stimulate my mind too much. I’ve compiled a lot of really great boards, in a very short space of time.

      • Build individual boards related to the different genre your blog covers. Share all of the pictures (that are yours or free images) from your blog posts to one of those boards even if the image is just text like a tittle. Best ways to get followers: Create boards for un-blog related things you love, to add context to you as a person. Re-pin others pins like crazy! If they don’t fit one of your boards then favourite instead. Throw up a few obvious pop culture boards and add a couple pins each time you go on to keep your profile relevant and to get peeps into the habit of sharing your pins. Hashtag & show your personality in the pictures tittle. Don’t be shy bout saying ‘Click the pic to read more on my blog.’ if you think it necessary. Hope it helps ya. My brain hurts now g’night :0)

  5. I need some tips on how to stay awake after 11pm because I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. But I also have a slight book obsession so whenever I have the time I read.

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