Ladies & Gentlemen, meet…Suzie81 Speaks

I’ve taken over Hugh’s blog today – hop on over and say hello!

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Welcome to my Guest Blogger feature “Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet…”, where this month I’d like to introduce you to a blogger who is well-known to many of us and who hosts the very successful #SundayBlogShare over on Twitter.

Suzie81 Speaks Suzie of Suzie81 Speaks

Suzie is a diamond amongst all the bloggers I have got to know over the fifteen months I have blogged.  She is one of the biggest supporters of bloggers I have had the pleasure to get to know and her blogging tips posts were amongst the first I read during my early days here on WordPress.  She got me off to a great start when I decided to start blogging and, since then, I have never looked back. She writes about so many subjects, often with a lot of humour thrown in, and does not hesitate in getting to the point.  Check out her post “Things That Will…

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9 thoughts on “Ladies & Gentlemen, meet…Suzie81 Speaks

      • You’re very welcome, Suzie. Yes, I have had a lot of traffic to my blog this weekend, plus a few new followers as well. I hope you will gain some more traffic and followers from my blog over the month, especially as you feature as my blog of the month.

        Of course I’ll be promoting your post on #SundayBlogShare today (in fact I already have), and on Mondayblogs tomorrow.

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