And Now! The End Is Near

My good bloggy friend needs your help – he’s going to relaunch his awesome music blog on June 1st, and needs your input in return for some promo… Do your thing WordPress!

Talk About Pop Music

I’ve been running this music blog for almost a year now and I’ve reached milestones that I’d never even dreamt I would…

It’s become the first thing I think about in the morning, the last thing I think about at night and countless times inbetween. However, it is with regret that I have to announce the demise of


Well, last night about at about 20:30 I got a visit from the “Now! Police” who told me that I had to stop using this current concept. It went something like this…

Close it down, close it down, close it down or we’ll send you down!

Of course that didn’t happen (listen to it here though) but the end result will still be the same. The current name and logo will be coming to a very happy ending and replaced with something I can truly call my own.

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