Mother’s Day: Things To Say To Someone You Love Today

It’s Mother’s Day in lots of countries today and my reader is filled with bloggers stories and poems dedicated to one of the most important in people in their lives. While we celebrate Mother’s Day in March here in the UK, I am lucky to have been blessed with the best mother in the world…

Others aren’t as lucky. A tear is always brought to my eye with the heartfelt memories of loss, of grief, anger, and from those who would give anything to have more time, even if it just for a minute. Combined with the loss that my friend suffered recently and the untimely passing of Grayson Queen, they serve as a reminder of just how short life is and the missed opportunities to tell the important people in our lives just how much they mean to us.

Here are things I am going to be saying to the people I care about today…

1. Thank you. It’s amazing how often that these little words are forgotten. Take the time to thank somebody who has gone that extra mile to support you.

2. The fact that you like having them in your life and that you enjoy spending time with them. It’s taken for granted that we spend time with the people (usually) who we enjoy being around and who makes us happy, but have you actually ever said this to them?


3. What you appreciate about them. My mother, The Bloke and my friends are funny, intelligent and talented people. They listen to me. When I’ve had a bad day, my friend V meets me in the pub, buys me a drink and let’s me rant. M invites me round to her house for dinner and regularly listens to stories of my blogging exploits. When I was in the hospital, C and M visited me. When my cat Wobbly died, G brought round cupcakes to my house. They buy me flowers, send me messages of support, make me laugh, entertain me and invite me out to places so we can spend time together.

4. That you find them attractive. This is something that would probably be best saying to your partner – I think my mother and friends would be concerned if I suddenly said this to them. However, a compliment on how they look and what they’re wearing would potentially make somebody’s day.

5. My best memories involve you. The ‘do you remember when…?’ conversations are always good for strengthening a relationship. Reminiscing about hilarious past experiences never fails to remind us of why we have the friendship in the first place.

6. That you support them. They may already know this, but it wouldn’t hurt to let them know that you’re there.


7. That you love them. There are different kinds of love that are reserved for different people, but take the time to let them know (where possible – verbalising love for somebody may be taken in the wrong context in some situations).

What about you guys? Is there a special person you are grateful for?

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6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Things To Say To Someone You Love Today

  1. aww…tear in eye. 1. My husband of 40 years …who puts up with my ranting, social media addiction and tendency to g off on one at frequent intervals. 2. My daughter, for producing Little G. 3. Little G for being herself perfectly. I was disinherited and cut off by my mother when I was 26 – there was emotional and physical abuse and stuff in my past, so I DO struggle with ”Mothers Day…but I focus on my role as a mother & D’s role as a mother. xx

  2. That’s a lovely way to honor others, not just mothers. I had a bumpy relationship with my mother but during her last years with dementia, we were finally able to connect.

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