Priscilla, Printers and Paperwork

For the last few days I’ve been immersed in a sea of almost unending paperwork. For just ten students, I’ve reacquainted myself with the printer and I’ve printed, filed, photocopied and generally sweated over nearly two hundred different tasks. At one point, there was so much to do that I went in on my day off just to keep up. It hasn’t been made any easier by the fact that the bloody thing kept breaking just to heighten my growing madness – I’ve been entertaining wild fantasies of re-enacting the scene from Office Space and taking a baseball bat to the thing.

This was for one topic. I have another four to get through with different classes before the end of this year.

Last night, after returning home feeling tired and fed up, The Bloke and I decided that there was only one thing for it.

The Adventures of Priscilla, the Queen of the Desert.

I’ve developed an obsession with all things drag since binge-watching the first six seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race in about three weeks (thanks Netflix), and after scrolling through a selection of films (again, thanks Netflix) it seemed like the perfect choice.


I can’t believe I waited 21 years to watch it. Beautiful, touching and hilarious, it was exactly what I needed. Where else can you see General Zod, Lord Elrond and Mike Young from Neighbours (yes, I know that Guy Pearce is a successful Hollywood movie star now, but I will always remember him as Mike from Neighbours) looking much better in a dress than I do. I now have an urge to don an enormous metallic outfit, stand on the top of a pink bus and mime whilst being driven at speed through the streets of Birmingham – it’s not exactly the Australian outback but it will do. However, instead of opera, it would have to be some sort of epic 80’s rock anthem (can’t beat a bit of Journey!) – I might just ask The Bloke if he’ll let me stand on the roof of the car on the way to work tomorrow morning…


Start your engines… I’ve got less than forty working days to go…

What about you guys? How has your week been?

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61 thoughts on “Priscilla, Printers and Paperwork

  1. I’ve never seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert, will have to try and watch it soon. This week is going fairly well and have made some momentous changes that feel good. Hope your 40 days fly past. πŸ™‚

  2. General Zod and Mr. Smith, you mean? LOL Love that movie πŸ™‚

    (I couldn’t think of another Guy Pearse role in the moment)

  3. You should tell your people to go paperless! I’ve had the week off work with the intention of decorating the bedroom. Greg asked me to find on youtube instructional videos for laying laminate. He wasn’t impressed when I showed him my findings

  4. Everyone in “Priscilla ” is marvelous. Hugo Weaving, as one of the troupe, the married one, was Mr. Smith in “Matrix,” and, of course Terence Stamp has had a wonderful career over the years. The costumes are a kick. I’m so glad you found it.I’m sure you have seen “The Bird Cage.” If not, pick up a copy.

  5. I have never seen the film and I’m not sure the recovering tonsillectomy patient has either! Maybe it’s one to add to his list for when he’s able to laugh without it hurting!

  6. Priscilla is a gorgeous movie, can’t believe it took you so long to watch it! And yes I think of Guy as Mike all the time, my bloody Care Bear is named Mike after him! (I was a very impressionable 7 year old LOL!)

  7. That is a brutal week. I’m dragging myself through this week, knowing the weekend will bring absolutely no relief. But most of the torture is self-imposed so I suppose I can’t really complain. Sigh.

  8. I MUST watch this film – thanks for the reminder. This week is flying by – it’s already Thursday afternoon here in Adelaide – yay!

  9. One of my all time favourite movies. If you are going to stand on the roof of a car going through the streets of Birmingham, can you do a UK tour and come to Brighton as well please? I may even join you (if you allow me that is).

  10. Lovely post! I enjoyed reading it. Ah teaching and paperwork…hard work!! Nothing in the world like the rewards of teaching either…

    Could I ask you as an experienced blogger, I saw you have categorised this under ‘teaching’ and another post under ‘coffee’. How did you do that and what, apart from your page looking tidy, is the advantage of doing it?

    • Thanks very much!

      Tagging puts a post into a subject – you can find the tagging option in your dashboard when you are writing a post under ‘tags.’ Type in things that are relevant to the content of your post, so for this post I have used things like ‘teaching’ (make sure you add a comma after the word. I often use tags like ‘blogging,’ ‘life,’ ‘inspiration’ etc to allow others writing about similar subjects to you…

  11. I’m assuming you’ve also seen “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar?” πŸ˜€

    • I have – Patrick Swayze looked surprisingly good in a dress! It didn’t quite have the same impact on me as Priscilla did though. Please forgive my late reply!

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