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imageIt may only be 6.30pm, but it’s Friday and after a very tough week I am feeling a sense of utter relief. The Bloke is away for the weekend (he’s attending his 30th school reunion), so I started the evening by having a drink at the pub and after returning home I changed into my jammies, cooked a nice bowl of creamy pasta, brought my duvet downstairs and I am now happily relaxed with two sleepy kitties, all of us with full bellies.

Of course, I have a wonderful relationship and I always miss The Bloke when he’s away, but this is the first time in a while that I have had a prolonged period of time to myself. I love the idea that in a world of endless possibilities and activities that I could do and see tonight, I am allowed to decide to do nothing, however wrong that sounds.

I’ve been riddled with self-doubt over recent months. Questions have been plaguing my thoughts – have I done the right thing? Did I just have a knee-jerk reaction to a stressful situation? What if I can’t find enough work to cover my expenses? However, today I was given the prospect of an exciting opportunity… I’ll give more details when I have a definitive plan, but it’s added to my sense of euphoria.

I’m also excited about Steve’s blog party tomorrow and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of lovely new bloggers! If you haven’t heard about it and want to participate, click on the link below…



I can’t predict the future – anything and everything could go wrong… But for the next six or seven hours, time is mine.


What about you guys? Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend?

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81 thoughts on “Time For Me…

  1. You are very young and so many possibilities rise on your horizon. Sometimes it’s better to be a bit unsure about what awaits you than to know the dread what you’ve always had to endure. Enjoy your kitty cuddle day.

      • Not at all, that excitement says you’re alive.
        We are excitedly awaiting the birth of our 4th grandchild, a little girl, arriving in mid- September. And we are enjoying a mid-May downpour here in Southern California where the drought has us in a deathly grip. Blood is one life source. The other is water.
        Every day I count blessings. One is that I will someday return to writing on my own blog because though I don’t have the time right now, I still have the passion.
        Thank you for always asking about me – you’re so sweet.

      • Aww congrats! 4th grandchild, how lovely! My mum has three daughters and none of us have children. She keeps asking when she’s getting a grandchild! Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. I love the idea of doing nothing. It’s a long weekend for us (Victoria Day on Monday) and we are going to do a whole lot of nothing. It’s bliss. During the week, we are go-go-go and on the weekends we choose to do nothing.

    I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with self-doubt. I think as writers we are always prone to the inner critic taking over our brains. Have I made the right decisions? Am I growing or just treading water? What does the future hold for me? Especially as freelance writers, we wonder if we will make enough money for the budget (hot dogs again?). šŸ˜‰

    For me, it comes down to two things:

    -having faith

    – letting go

    When I let go and let the Universe take charge, I’m much more relaxed and not so stressed out. Having faith is believing in myself and the choices I make. Sure, sometimes I make the wrong choice but more times than not, those choices lead me on a journey much more exciting than I ever thought possible.

    Enjoy your relaxing time. I plan on doing just that in about three hours. šŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • I think that sounds lovely! It’s so nice to do absolutely nothing isn’t it!

      My profession is teaching – I resigned a few months ago with no job to go to so I’ve been developing a plan that will hopefully ensure I will be able to pay my bills still haha!

      I think you have a wonderful perspective on life… Have a lovely extended weekend!

  3. Sounds excellent šŸ™‚ I haven’t anything special planned for the weekend, which is how I like it at the moment. Hope you enjoy your time and looking forward to hearing your news x

  4. Suzie, that sounds like a weekend I hope for…time to myself! But I always have too much to accomplish, so I will have to live vicariously through you this weekend. Give your kitties a couple of chin skritches for me and enjoy your freedom to do whatever. I would love to participate in Steve’s blog, but I fear I will be on the run again…Happy weekend to you!

  5. Hi Suzie, I’m glad to hear you’re relaxing. Sometimes choosing to do nothing is the best thing. Or choosing to relax and blog. Like you said, our relationships are wonderful but sometimes it’s nice not to answer to or have to consider anyone else. Thanks for the reminder about Steve’s blog party.

  6. Sounds like a lovely evening. You deserve to have it all to yourself. Everyone does now and then. I hope and pray your prospect will be exactly what you are looking for. Have a lovely weekend. šŸ™‚

  7. Like you me and the teenage kids( who do their own thing,see you at meal times) are home alone , hubster off to Germany for 3 sleeps.Yes, I am looking forward to doing my thing ( weather permitting) and meeting friends.Its a me me holiday.

  8. Sounds lovely! And very similar to my Friday evening (although without the cats). I really felt the need for some time to myself yesterday, so I know what you mean!

  9. Ahh that sounds wonderful! It has actually encouraged me to stay in now I was going to go out and see a poetry reading but it’s freezing out there and your offer sounds much more tempting. A nice bloke I have too but no nice kitties hehe

    • Poetry reading? I’m not as cultured as that haha! You should get yourself a kitty – make sure you don’t get one that needs injections (one of mine is diabetic) – I’ve been awake at 5.30 every morning for over a year now!

  10. Hope you had a lovely evening. After a hard day helping put down flooring I was look forward to a really nice pizza. Unfortunately I cooked them with the polystyrene bases still attached!

  11. I love evenings in to myself, the remote – all the trashy TV I can manage, naughty foods. Enjoy!

    Lyndsay x

    P.s – Thanks for joining in with my first Lifestyle linkup this morning – hope to see you next week!

  12. Having some time to yourself is absolutely needed every now and again. I love my boyfriend to pieces but need some proper alone time every few weeks to stay ‘me’. Best of luck with the opportunity. I hope it all works out.

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