Eurovision 2015: Grand Final Predictions


It’s that time of year again, and after watching both semi-finals I’m excited about the Eurovision Song Contest final tonight!

In celebration, I’ve teamed up with Steve from Talk About Pop Music and Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News to offer my predictions for tonight. We’ve done our lists seperately and have awarded points in the manner used in the competition and after the results have been revealed we’ll get together and see who has got the most right. I’ve been torn between listing my favourites and the ones I think are actually going to do well, so I’ve created a mixture of both…

From the team of Suzie and The Bloke, here are our predictions and our votes for tonight…

1 point goes to… Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila: This Time (Lithuania)

2 points go to… Il Volo: Grande Amore (Italy)

3 points go to… Aminata: Love Injected (Latvia) (i don’t actually like this song but tactical voting will mean it will do quite well I think)

4 points go to… Voltaj: All Over Again (Romania)

5 points go to… John Karayiannis: One Thing I Should Have Done (Cyprus)

6 points go to… Polina Gagarina: A Million Voices (Russia) (Note: this will depend on whether Europe still hates Russia or not)

7 points go… Nadav Guedj: Golden Boy (Israel)

8 points go to… Bojana Stamenov: Beauty Never Lies (Serbia)

10 points go to… Mans Zelmerlow: Heroes (Sweden)

And finally… DOUZE POINTS go to… Guy Sebastian: Tonight Again (Australia)

40 thoughts on “Eurovision 2015: Grand Final Predictions

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  2. I agree with you Australia has the best song, but think Sweden will just win it, I think Italy will do well…sorry to see Georgia didn’t make your list (but only because I’m living in Georgia…”Warrior” not a brilliant song).

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  4. I was going to ask if we could vote for the UK, but I didn’t have them in my top 10 anyway. Now the votes are in from the three most important juries, it’s anybodies guess what will happen next. I’m off out to go and stock up on some treats to eat and drink. Enjoy the contest, you two.

  5. Ooh yes, love this and concur completely! I’ve finally heard the Guy Sebastien song and it’s great – a definite chance for the win! Yay, the countdown is on, my daughter and I have snacks lined up and will be pulling out the sofa bed for maximum comfort (though there’s still room for dancing).

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  7. Thanks for posting these, Suzie! I’ll have to check them out to see what I like best, though I’m a couple days late. We don’t get these in the States but I’m excited to see them!

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