Chicago: What a great lake kinda town!

Meet Cher! This is an earlier post of hers but I loved the photograph so I thought I’d share it with you. Cher is an ex-pat now living in Chicago, and her blog is about everything the Windy City has to offer… Stop by and say hello – she’s one of the friendliest bloggers I know!

The Chicago Files

Lake Michigan December 18 2013

I am always in wonder when it comes to the ever-changing scenery over and on Lake Michigan.  I’ve seen fireworks, transparent mist rolling onto shore (which my very funny husband told me was a noxious Lake Michigan gas and that we needed to grab the gas masks ASAP)!  I’ve seen clouds of every, size and shape.  I’ve seen a full moon the shade of an orange, shining its luminescent beams onto the water.  I’ve seen hot air balloons, fighter jets, and I swear a green meteor (it screeched across the sky and disappeared as quickly as it arrived).  I’ve seen distant ships on the horizon.

Lake Michigan is the only great lake out of the five that is completely enclosed in US territory.  Chicagoans are very proud of this lovely lake; now I am too!  Oh by the way, if you click on the picture above, you’ll be able to…

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  1. Great blog to highlight, Suzie, I’ve been a Cher fan (yes, the other one too) for a while and I hope a lot more people discover her blog. She’s kind, funny, smart, generous, yes, very friendly, and her posts are always interesting – and she’s a fellow Canadian, now living in the U.S. Thanks for Cher-ing!!! 😉

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