#SundayBlogShare Expansion… and Inevitable Frustrations

imageI have written this post a number of times in the last few days, debating the impact that a negative post may have. However, I wanted to be able to share my frustrations (that’s what the blog was created for in the first place) and hope that I will be able to get some thoughts from you guys…

In November of last year I had an idea. Well, it wasn’t my idea – I had been participating in several Twitter link-up type parties for a while and I decided to start my own. I came up with a name – #SundayBlogShare, checked that the hashtag was not being used, and invited my bloggy friends to participate on the day that seemed to make the most sense to me – Sundays.

Six months later, it trends on a weekly basis, with thousands of links shared during the day and more and more participants joining in each week. I’ve met some brilliant bloggers and read wonderful posts. It is a fast-paced, exciting way to spend the day and I’m proud of it.

Except, it isn’t exciting at times. In fact, and I shouldn’t be admitting this so readily, but I have been left feeling frustrated and upset recently, to the point where I have been put off from writing on the blog. In two years, it’s the first time I have had negative thoughts about blogging, and as this little blog has been one of the only things that has kept me going in that time, I am angry that I have been made to feel this way.

Okay, I’m generalising. There are lots of fabulous people who participate – nice, friendly individuals who get a lot out of it, and many of them have become regular bloggy friends. That makes me happy – it was the reason why I started it in the first place, and if you’re reading this as a regular follower and participant of #SundayBlogShare, please don’t think that I am complaining about you.

However, there are some that are making it a stressful experience. I’ve always had a set of guidelines for #SundayBlogShare and I post them regularly each week. However, there are very few that read them – many see it trending and jump in there. That’s understandable, and I’ve often done similar things when I have seen a topic that interests me without reading what it is first. However, I never set out to harass anyone in the process. I’m treated as some sort of retweet account, often being contacted by bloggers who complain that I haven’t retweeted them. I am tagged in #SundayBlogShare posts all week, despite it only operating on a Sunday. There are people who will post 20-30 links, one after another, without bothering to read or retweet anybody else. I get emails from people demanding I check out their blog and share it on #SundayBlogShare.

Just to clarify, there are a couple of things that many forget:

1. I built this from scratch, with the help of a few bloggy friends (I will always be grateful to @sourcererblog for his help in the initial stages)

2. I don’t get paid for it – I do it because I believe that it is something positive that is worth building on.

3. I start at about 6.00am and finish at about 10.00pm.

So, for my own sanity, I have decided to change the way that I operate my own account. The guidelines will stay pretty much the same. There is no porn, YouTube music promos or Amazon links. It is a happy place.

However, I can’t control what others do. #SundayBlogShare is for everyone, and I want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. Of course, I will continue to block and report innapropriate material. However, I will not be using my personal account for most retweets – if I do use my personal account it will be in the same way I do on a daily basis. Instead, I will use my @sundayblogshare account and I will retweet something when I have read it, and I reserve the right to do so. I will not respond to rude emails or demands.

I’m also looking for help. Want to be my co-host next Sunday? Drop me an email at suzie81blog@hotmail.co.uk

Want to meet ten fabulous bloggers immediately? Check out my sponsors in my sidebar – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

What about you guys? Do you think I’m being silly for allowing it to get to me?

105 thoughts on “#SundayBlogShare Expansion… and Inevitable Frustrations

  1. I find it hard to keep up with my blog let along a Twittter # too! My hat is off to you, my dear! I will try and retweet more on Sunday. ❤

  2. Hi Suzie, I don’t think you’re being silly at all – in fact, I think this is a very reasonably worded post. You started a good thing, it’s become popular and now it’s being abused – you have every right to feel upset about that. Twitter seems a bit wild west to me at times and I think your quite brave to put yourself out there in that way. Sunday Blog Share has led me to some amazing blogs and I think it’s a real shame you’ve had to take so much flak for it. Hope the new way of doing things helps xx

    • You know you haven’t my lovely. I didn’t write it to make regulars worry so please don’t think I’m attacking any of you who join in each week and make it fun, I’m discussing more the way that I’ve been made to feel about it over the last few weeks… You’re always great…

  3. Sounds like a good plan. You’ve got to do what you can do to keep sane! It’s amazing the way SundayBlogShare has taken off — seems like it’s the kind of thing that just takes on a mind of its own…

  4. No, I don’t think you’re silly. I’m amazed that you can do it at all. My computer is old and slow, so I don’t read too many other post at a shot, but I usually do look at some and have made several good acquaintances Do what you want to and don’t worry about the rest.

    • Thanks julie! I felt a little bit silly writing about it as I was worried that it would offend people, but it’s getting to the point of the ridiculous haha!

  5. I guess when things become popular there are plenty that will jump on it without knowing or following the rules, then again, there’s some that won’t follow the rules anyway.
    I think you’re done a fantastic job with this and I completely understand why it’s too taxing, especially when people aren’t co-operating. I hope I’ve never added to your troubles.
    I certainly enjoying finding new bloggers and sharing/reading the posts of those I already follow.
    I’m so sorry to hear some people are being rude to you when you’ve been so kind and generous in helping out other bloggers.
    There are many of us who really appreciate how amazing you are and hope this helps #SundayBlogShare run more smoothly in the future, but I don’t think most of us mind if you cut back, your time is valuable and we don’t want you to feel stressed.
    Excellent post, well said and hope this day treats you kindly, Suzie. 🙂

    • As always, you’re a legend my lovely and thanks for such a lovely comment. I think you’re right about cutting back. Taking a few hours break here and there may help!

  6. Absolutely not! Some peeps get so wrapped up in promoting themselves they forget the importance of courtesy! Sorry a few buttheads are trying to rain on your parade.

    • Haha! Thanks my lovely – I actually like it if people want to promote themselves, but it was the demands and rudeness i started receiving that got to me. I don’t share many links myself… I need to cut back the time and share more I think!

  7. Absolutely not! You are doing a great thing and I can’t even imagine the time you put into it. That stinks that people are abusing it. Hope things get better!

  8. Hi Suzie… Congrats to you on the success of #SundayBlogShare. I’m sorry for your frustration. I am new to this trend. Where can I find the rules for #SundayBlogShare? I participated once or twice, RTing others in the process and regularly participate in #MondayBlogs. Just want to make sure I haven’t done anything to cause you distress. Best, Kyrian

  9. You’re not being silly at all, my lovely! You do so much for fellow bloggers, it never ceases to amaze me! You’re very supportive and created something great with both this blog and the #SundayBlogShare. I think that your plan is a very sound one. 🙂

  10. I sometimes have the same problem on the coffee share, but luckily it’s still small and that doesn’t happen often. I think your new solution is a pretty good one. 🙂

      • I really haven’t had that happen, but I’ve had a lot of unrelated postings. I think because the coffee share is such a niche, rather than a large sharing tag, some of the things like demanding retweets are really cut down.

  11. The kindness and thoughtfulness you give us is extremely appreciated!, dear Suzie! I am so sorry that there are those out in cyberspace who unfortunately don’t play by the rules. I daresay this is probably how they conduct their lives away from a computer screen, too. You most certainly are not being silly; you are being true to your feelings and sharing them with others. Not only do I think that makes people take pause to look at their own conduct, but it gives us a chance to tell you how much we appreciate you, Suzie; and we sure do!!! Cher xo

    • Thanks so much Cher! I don’t genuinely think that most of these people realise just how rude they are – they’re just focused on promoting their blog. What they haven’t realised is the more you give out, the more you get back

      • You are right, Suzie. I had a chat with someone not too long ago about thoughtless and rude people. The person I was talking to said, “I don’t think they intentionally try to be that way.” It made me think, gee, maybe some of them don’t realize it, although I still wasn’t happy about it! Oh that is the truest statement about the more you give, the more you get back. Let’s hope they ‘get it’ for their sake and everyone else, too!

  12. Brava Suzie!! Well said!! #sundayblogshare is something I enjoy and I’ve found some really interesting blogs through it so thanks for all your hard work and well done for protecting your sanity from the few people who have imposed on your kindness! How anyone can be expected to read everything that is posted though, is beyond me!! I’m always grateful for any shares and always try to share the ones that have caught my eye the most and will continue to do so. In the meantime, I wish you well and hope that you can manage to find your passion for the blogosphere again! Big bloggy hugs!

    • Thanks so much – So pleased you find it useful and you enjoy it! I don’t know whether new partcipants expect everyone to be able to read everything – I can barely read two posts in a day at the minute!

  13. I’m still suffering from Twitterphobia myself but from everything I’ve read, I think you are being totally reasonable. It’s a shame that there are some who just can’t follow the guidelines you have set. You need to do what works and what makes it right for you! 🙂

  14. Happy to hear about your success & hope you are able to find a kindred spirit to help you out who can match your fast pace. We want you to continue your success. 🙂

  15. You do a marvelous service for BloggyVille, Suzie. Thank you. I enjoy checking in with YOUR #SundayBlogShare every week. I feel honored when somebody new retweets my link of the day, and my sense of gratitude never drops toward the regulars that share my link every week. My self-adhered to rule is simple: Post only my work of that day, and MAYBE if I thought it was something very special, one other story from theh week. That’s it. Because I’m not the kind who likes to stay on Twitter for long stretches, I make sure to go back at least three or four times and put #SundayBlogShare in the search box so I can retweet the new work that’s shown up and familarize myself with interesting new bloggers. If this falls short of your expectations, please tell me here, and I will step up my game. Again, thank you so much for all of your hard work.

    • I think that’s spot on Mark! Some prefer to stay on for hours at a time, some share something and then pop back a few hours later. Either way is fine – you shouldn’t feel pressured to be on there any more or less than you want to… It’s supposed to be fun!

  16. I agree with all your fabulous readers and commenters above. The commitment you offer should be commended, and I too am in awe of all you do for this community. I think you’ve made an excellent decision to make that slight change which will, hopefully, relieve some of the pressure. I’m sorry too you struggled with the post, and I’m sending you a blast of positive energy. You rock, Suzie 😀

  17. Ignore anyone who gives you grief, Suzie. They are not worth the bother. You’re doing a fine job with Sunday Blog Share, but you need to enjoy the day yourself and not have to deal with temper tantrums from self-centered people. I pop in and out when I can through the day and love the interesting blogs I’ve come across, thanks to you.

    • Thanks so much Jean – I’m really pleased you find it useful. I adopted that approach on Sunday and I enjoyed it a lot more too! Thanks for the support – please forgive the late reply!

  18. Wow! Do you really read everything you retweet ? Don’t worry about your frustration. Do it when and if it makes you feel good. That’s why you started right? Blogging is about you and connecting with others that are similar. I hope you just ignore the complainers and go about your day. Why not take next Sunday off and relax? It shouldn’t feel like work or an unpleasant obligation.

    • Thanks Phil – I did pretty much just that! Of the ones that I RT with my @suzie81blog account, I do read, but I just RT with the @sundayblogshare one and don’t always read them…

  19. I would be upset too and I think you have taken the right approach. After all your aim was to share what you enjoy, not to grow people’s accounts.

    • Absolutely! I think that it has been beneficial to so many people to increase their traffic, which was why I wanted to start it in the first place. Unfortunately, after 6 months I think some have started to take it for granted… I took a step back last Sunday and it seemed to run fine without me constantly being in there, so I will do that more often!

  20. Hi Suzie – It is a much better idea to have bloggers to tweet #SundayBlogShare and @SundayBlogShare than to add your personal twitter handle. Initially I was puzzled when I saw others adding @suzie81blog and I thought, my, you must be inundated with hundreds of posts! Moving forward, I shall just add @SundayBlogShare. You are doing a great job with #SundayBlogShare, please ignore others who are inconsiderate, they are probably the same group of people who just follow back but never take the slightest interest in your blog or any blog for that matter.

    Cheers, Kat.

    • Thanks so much Kat! I was indeed getting hundreds of links, but it was mainly from the same four or five people who share twenty to thirty links in one go. I would just RT some, after a while it gt too much! Thanks for your support – please forgive the late reply!

  21. I don’t think you’re being silly, I would be frustrated as well. I am a little baffled that someone would badger another person to retweet them… Get a life, people!
    On the positive side, I’ve made new bloggy friends via your blog share and like to get to highlight some of the posts of blogs I read. I can’t help you host this Sunday, I’ll be spending the day with my little guy who has been at his dad’s for two whole weeks, but I’ll definitely do that for you sometime if you need me to.

    • Thanks very much Hollie, really appreciate the support and your kind offer! I’m so pleased you have been able t meet new people – that’s why I started it in the first place!

  22. I’m sorry you’re having this problem, Suzie.

    The last few Sundays I have participated by Tweeting with your #sundayblogshare hashtag BUT NOT to your specific Twitter handle. Not that I don’t want/need your help, but you already do enough and I don’t want to be a pest. My blog still gets exposure and takes some of the hassle from you.

  23. You’re an angel for hosting the blog share every Sunday. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Try not to let it get to you. Have you thought about not worrying about reblogging the posts yourself? Why not just leave it to the bloggers to RT each other? I mean, the hashtag is trending every Sunday, so that’s an insane amount of RTs.

    Can you just try this Sunday and see what happens if your don’t RT? I bet the blog share will keep going. Put it in the hands of the bloggers to keep it flowing. Take the day off and watch some of the soccer you seem to enjoy so much. 😉

    You’re doing a great job, but you’re only one person…

    • Thanks so much Austin, and please forgive the late reply. I followed your advice and didn’t RT anything from my @sundayblogshare account. And guess what? It still trended and pretty much ran itself. I’d say there was a little more inappropriate material this week, but I’ll get back on stopping that on Sunday… So sorry if you thought I was ignoring you or unappreciative of your advice… Catching up on all ,y comments now!

  24. I think people just forget that there’s a human being on the other end of the screen–doesn’t make it right at all, but there it is. It’s like, you see something like SundayBlogShare and assume it’s a public service, not a person.

    • I think yore right, Rose. Lots of people who participate don’t follow my blog or bother to read the guidelines, so I think they may think I’m some sort of bot or something. Please forgive my late reply, it’s been a really busy time so I’m catching up on my comments now!

  25. Your decision is completely reasonable, and I’m sorry to hear about the rude emails from entitled jerks. #SundayBlogShare is one of my favorite days. Thank you for creating it. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Allison – I’m so pleased that you get something positive from it! Please forgive my late reply – it’s been a really busy time and I’m just catching up on my comments now! Thanks so much for participating!

  26. I think you are well within your rights to update your guidelines! I enjoy the Sunday Blog Share. I share one of my posts, and I retweet at least one of the your posts as a thank you for hosting. I try to read (underscore read) and retweet at least five-ten other bloggers under the #SundayBlogShare tag. I have noticed people who post multiple times, and I could see how overwhelming it must become. Bottom line is…your party, your rules. If it stresses you out or causes anxiety then it’s simply not worth it. I hope you can find a happy medium!

    • I think that’s brilliant – and thanks so much for the regular RT’s! I tried to take a step back on Sunday and t worked – I was still overwhelmed by RT requests but it died off after a while after I didn’t respond. I felt really rude, but after that it was a much more enjoyable day!

  27. Not silly at all. I would be upset too. People feel they are entitled and things must be done for them- but then, hmmmm, were they supposed to reciprocate? Funny how often that happens. It’s like that on the IMDb exchanges on FB. I got to the point where hey if a person likes me, great. But my value is not resting on a check marked box. There’s more to life than that.

    I wonder- if I could make a suggestion? I’m not really sure how it works ( I have yet to come to the party) but if a new handle pops up maybe have a copy/pasted rules to tweet back or a link to your page for them to read? They probably wont read the page, but if it’s a short tweet, they might? 🙂

    • Thanks very much – I have a separate handle @sundayblogshare which I am going to use to put the guidelines out the more regularly… I took a step back on Sunday and it was a lot easier and pretty much ran itself! Please forgive the late reply, I’m just catching up on all of my comments now!

  28. I honestly don’t know how you have done what you’ve done in such a short amount of time. I don’t “get” Twitter at all even though I have an account. I just haven’t found the time to dig into it to learn it. After seeing how upset it has made you, I’m not sure I want to! There are so many nice people in this blogging family and it feels like Twitter is a lot easier for the “haters” to do what they do. It seems a much less accountable medium. You have done, and are doing, a great job!!

    • Thanks for your support, as always Deb! I love Twitter – it took me a good year to get into it, but now I’ve got the hang of it. Enjoy it most if the time. It was beginning to get to me on a Sunday but last week I took a step back and it still continued to run reasonably well. Please forgive my late reply!

  29. I’m sorry about this Suzie… You do amazing, generous and selfless work with your blog share and it’s a shame some people abuse it or you. I could never find the time you do to promote and help others so much. I hope you feel better and no, you’re not silly at all. It’s your blog, your rules and people need to respect that.
    Love K x

  30. I think your blog share is an amazing idea. Maybe some folk just don’t get the rules.
    You’re right to vent your frustration.
    I hope that people will now respect your hard work. 😀

  31. Not at all, I think you have every right. Personally if someone was going to retweet me it would be because they liked my post and thought it worthy of being passed on. Others seem to only like the next rung in the ladder. Worry about the people that matter to you and let the rest sort themselves. 🙂

  32. Hi Suzie – that doesn’t sound like fun. I had no idea that you were reading blog posts all day long. I’d thought you provided the paddling pool for bloggers to splash in and just dipped your toes in occasionally during the day as people retweeted each other and made new friends. Just goes to show how naive I am!

    I think it’s the challenge of any group of humans that grows very quickly – it can get a bit like one of those parents-away teenage parties posted on Facebook where hordes of uninvited guests arrive for the chance of a free drink, not for friendship. I agree with fillyourownglass – ‘your party, your rules’. Otherwise you end up buying all the beer and then being showered with complaints when the beer runs out.

    At the moment you’re playing Wendy to the Lost Boys. Maybe try turning Pippi Longstocking for a while.
    Best wishes

  33. I don’t think you’re being silly for being annoyed by this. I know I would be. I admire the fact that you’ve made a few changes that sets out to preserve both the #SundayBlogShare initiative and your sanity. Most people might just have given up with all that understandable frustration!

  34. It’s a shame that people abuse this, and it would annoy me too. I haven’t participated in a while as I haven’t felt like I’ve had the time to properly read other people’s posts, but I think it’s a fantastic thing to do.

    • Thanks very much Liz, really appreciate it! I took a step back on Sunday and it was a little easier – I just don’t want to ignore it completely because I’ve put so much work into it! Feel free to participate any time!

  35. I think you’re entirely justified in how you feel. It’s easy for people to overlook how much effort goes into running a hashtag or linky well. And while I appreciate that not everyone can share/comment on other people’s posts every single week (I’m guilty of that on occasion, as life has a habit of intervening), I think it’s pretty rude when people just link and run every single week.

    I do find it particularly annoying when people link-dump 30 posts in one go and constantly plead for RTs (and, in at least one case I can think of, have the cheek to ask people to click on ads on their site). Not having read the rules is one thing, but things like this are just poor behaviour generally. Funnily enough, I tend to block and ignore such individuals, and I’ve never been tempted to click on their links. I guess it must work often enough for them to keep doing it, though.

    • Thanks so much Tim, and thanks for your participation every week! I know exactly what you mean – I think the easiest thing is just to block them – Ive spoken to some of them and explained that’s what people should do if it gets too much. The main issue I have is that you can’t own a hashtag on Twitter in the same way you can a domain name, and if someone chooses to abuse the system there’s very little that can be done about it, unless they are reported for spam.

  36. If I may say so with a bit of the British sarcastic humour that I have come to know so well… If you didn’t stumble upon rude people who arrogantly think the entire world should read their blog and their success depends on your promotion, this wouldn’t be the internet.

    I found myself scrolling through a rather controversial article yesterday (I will spare you the theme) and got caught up in the hateful comments from one specific person that kept coming back just to fire insults at anyone who didn’t share his opinion.
    The internet is swarming with such people and thankfully, it is also swarming with friendly and devoted people so I tend to (or at least try) to focus on the good side…
    Hope you can put this aside and focus your energy on those who are worth the trouble 😉

    • I totally agree. The problem I have is that people who have never spoken to me, read my blog or participated before send my angry messages demanding to know why I haven’t retweeted them, like I owe them something. I’m just going to ignore them from now on!

  37. I have a twitter account but I still have no real idea how twitter works. I saw your blog post in the reader and wanted to see what was going on. I still don’t really understand how it works.
    Never good to have to deal with mean people. Sorry.

    • Thanks – it took me about a year t get into it and it’s proven to be highly effective for building traffic, I took a bit of a step back on Sunday and it was much easier…

  38. Don’t give up on it, Suzie. It’s your blog, it’s your party, you make the rules, and anybody not playing by them should not even be given a second chance. Don’t let these people bully you. I’ve been there a few times with negative comments left on my blog and thought about packing it all in, but it’s my space, my blog, and if people don’t like me for who I am then as far as I am concerned they can move on. I never respond to them and that is something they do not like and get fed up with when they know they are not going to get any reaction.

    Don’t even acknowledge these bullies. They really are not worth your time. You do a fantastic job for the blogging community on here and on Twitter and I for one will always support you 100%. It’s your blog and your party and you make the rules, so ignore anybody that does not play by them. I’m sure they’ll get the message and eventually move on.

  39. I completely understand why you’d feel annoyed and I don’t think you’re being unreasonable at all. I’ve only been using SundayBlogShare for a little while and I already thing it’s amazing.

    I try and make sure I read and retweet more than I share, but I’m always shocked by how long it takes me. I was only thinking the other day for you to keep it up and running. I don’t know how you do it.

    I think it’s wonderful that you are so supportive other bloggers and offer this wonderful opportunity for people to share their work. But nobody should pressure you or expect any attention from you. That isn’t what you offer at all.

    I say ignore them. Thank you for all your hard work.

  40. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having so much trouble. I love the way you do what you do and really want you to know it’s appreciated. Keep up the good work and try not to let it get to you too much. All the best for the next few weeks too.

  41. Marvelous idea! I think I’ll try to think of something as unique as this to meet other bloggers and share different ideas, stories and posts!

    • I didn’t come up with the idea – there are lots of Twitter parties that do similar things, but it has become extremely popular. You’re welcome to join us!

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