Here’s Harvey Hound

Hi all! I’d like you to meet Deb – after developing ideas for a blog for a while, she has published this – her very first set of posts! She’s a wonderful writer and very talented photographer… I’d love it if you could hop on over, introduce yourself and say hello! Do your thing, WordPress!

Done Dreaming

Harvey by Deb Fletcher Harvey by Deb Fletcher

As a child we always had a dog at home.  They came in all shapes and sizes and some lasted longer than others – sometimes we resembled a half way house for disadvantaged dogs who then went on to pastures new.

When I left home there never seemed a good time to have one in my own home.  Either ‘home’ was too small, or I couldn’t afford it, or someone had an allergy and so it went on.  Two years ago I thought it’s now or never and a chance meeting in a car park with the cutest dog I’d ever seen sealed it for me.  I wanted a goldendoodle!  They looked cute as a Disney dog, didn’t moult (I’m not overly fond of hoovering) and would get me out and about rampaging along beaches and countryside as my furry companion.

Harvey by Deb Fletcher Harvey by Deb Fletcher


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