If We Were Having Coffee #9

imageIf we were having coffee, I would begin with an apology. For the last seven consecutive days I have been in work, completing two major orchestra rehearsals and a concert, sports day, Immersion Day, staff training day and then all-day rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday for the musical production that we are putting on all of next week. My routine has been predominantly work/sleep/work/sleep, and the blog, my house and my general life is in a state of temporary disarray. Comments have yet to be approved and replied to, I’ve read virtually nothing, and my stats are at their lowest since November 2014. Just bear with me…

However, as I am likely to be absent over the next week, I will be devoting each day to a ‘Blog Of the Day,’ which will allow you to be introduced to five interesting and fun new blogs to follow…


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that after the rehearsal yesterday The Bloke and I were able to attend our first BBQ of the summer to celebrate our friend’s birthday at their new house. Despite the fact that the conflicting schedules meant that we turned up late, we were able to get there before the sun set and I drank Pimms (how very British) and ate the spiciest bean burger I’ve ever had, while catching up with friends that I haven’t seen in quite a while. Their new house is lovely, and they have obviously put a lot of time into making it a home, including the introduction of two bunnies to the back garden.

I’ve also been loving the rainbow colours all over my social media networks. Congratulations to those of you who now have the rights that you should have always had. Let’s hope the rest of the world follows…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how sad I am to hear about the recent massacre in Tunisia, particularly at the fact that I taught at the school of one of the victims when he was a young teenager. I have a vague recollection of him, but understandably my former colleagues who watched him grow into a young man are particularly devastated. Joel Richards, his uncle and grandfather were all murdered in the shooting, and his younger brother has been hailed as a hero for trying to help some of the victims despite his own personal loss. My thoughts go out to all of the victims families and friends… I cannot imagine what they are going through. The world is going mad.

Always puts things into perspective doesn’t it…

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15 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #9

  1. I love spicy bean burgers! I have never heard of Pimms, can you tell I’m not so very British? πŸ™‚ There’s no need to apologize for anything, your life comes first, before your blog.

    • Thanks Hollie! You’ve never heard of Pimms??! It’s gin based and is served with fruit in it… Very nice in the summer. The thing is, the life does indeed come first but the blog has changed mine, so I have a lot more emphasis on it than I did before… I miss reading and catching up with you all too!

      • I also feel bad when I can’t devote the normal amount of time to my blog. Pimms sounds delicious! I haven’t had gin in ages. With all of this grading I’ve got today I so wish I lived in a place that didn’t ban the sale of booze on Sundays.

      • Really? If I’m going to drink, Sunday afternoon is often the time I’ll do it. I live near Bournville (Cadbury’s chocolate origins) and that is a Quaker area, so there are no pubs around there at all.

      • Kansas as a state is backwards and ridiculous in a lot of ways. I’m not sure why they think that stopping Sunday sales is going to prevent anything. You can still go to bars on Sunday’s, just no liquor stores are open. Restaurants can serve but you can’t buy a bottle of wine at the grocery store like you can elsewhere. Really, people just buy more on Saturday but I wasn’t anticipating the onslaught of anxiety nor the poor quality of these exams that is making me want wine to dull the edges.

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