* Ten Things of Thankful

My second ‘Blog of the Day’ is from Teachezwell… I’m sure you’ll love this!

Teachezwell Blog

Thanks, as always, to Lizzi for her Ten Things of Thankful initiative.  She wrote a thoughtful post on her interactions with a number of homeless folks.  That’s a brave topic to broach since homelessness is pandemic and complicated.  It’s one of those painful conditions that leaves me feeling overwhelmed and backing away.  Lizzi is a brave soul.

zombie-147945_640My dearest blogging widower has survived another week of providing training on child forensic interviewing, but more importantly, I finally understand why he’s always the last passenger off the plane.  This past time, the pilot was the first, running like a mad man to the exit.  That made me a bit worried.  I’ve seen World War Z and know how quickly zombies can take over a plane.  I stood still as large clusters of zombie-like folks trailed down the narrow corridor toward unsuspecting innocents.  I know zombies are attracted to sound, so I figured I was safe since all the…

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